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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

"Oh, I see," he replied, having trouble with my answer.
I knew it was strange but it’s just how I rolled; I never could decide what Pokémon to use so I just took the same ones.
“Yeah I know it’s weird.” I admitted, “But it’s not like the Pokémon I'm taking extremely terrible for the terrain and what not, in fact two of them are actually good for this area!” I finished as began to travel up the volcano some more.

After traveling closer to the volcano Anderson stopped and looked down, soon after I began to look down as well, sand was beginning to flow around us from where we were standing.

"C'mon, let's go see what's spewing this sand," Anderson said as he headed forward. I nodded and began to search the area around us.

It didn’t take long to find the cause of the flowing sand; I stood behind Anderson as we stared at the Pokémon that caused the sand. It was a young sleeping Hippopotas, a hippo like Pokémon, which was sleeping in a crater on the mountain, when said hippo would snore sand would spew from its nose and onto the ground. The Hippopotas looked at piece in its sleep.

"I wouldn't feel right attacking a sleeping Pokemon," Anderson said, "but it's your call, what should we do?"

“Well I REALLY want a Hippopotas,” I started quietly. “It looks like a heavy sleeper, maybe I could weaken it without waking it up,” I said as I pulled out a pokeball containing my Walrien.

“Come on out Walrein!” I whispered as I clicked the button located at the center of my pokeball. A red beam shot out as a big walrus with shaggy gray hair appeared. “Walrein, use an ice beam on the Hippopotas,” It shouldn’t do much from the intense heat I assured myself, as light blue light began to shoot from Walreins face area.
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