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IT'S TIME TO GIVE LOTS OF JUNK TO YOUR FRIENDS, NOW. :D For those of you who don't know how this works...

-You can gift any Pokemon in your stats, except your starter.
-Berries will be gifted in bundles of three.
-You may receive a total of five gifts; however, there is no limit on gifting. SO, LIKE, GIVE GOOD GIFTS SO YOURS DON'T GET DITCHED.
-You may give one gift to each person.
-If you are given more than five gifts, you may choose which ones you want to receive.
-TMs/Items may be gifted.
-Daycare Passes may be purchased for 10k and gifted.
-No claiming until the Gift Station is done. THANK YOU.

This will be open until December 28th. It's starting a bit early this year. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. (And I don't like being mean to Jews.)
Gift Givers
AceTrainer14 (9): Leaf Stone (Anna Gorov); Heat Stone (Scourge of Nemo); Icy Rock (Hkim); Expert Belt (Bumblebee); Silk Scarf (Feng); Starly (Banditos); Shinx (WinterVines); Taillow (Hide in Plain Sight); Taillow (Derian)
Akinai (1): TM Sunny Day (Zeferin)
Alaskapigeon (9): Ninetales (Near); Delcatty (HideInPlainSight); Mightyena (Derian); Victreebel (Buzzer); Linoone (Kai Mei); Lucario (LightningFast); Tyranitar (Coasting Wingull); Kabuto (WinterVines); Eevee (Sakuya)
AnnaEgorov (4): Typhlosion (AceTrainer14); Chimchar (Noble One); Daycare Pass (Siberian Tiger); Vaporeon (WinterVines); Lanturn (Legendary Master)
Ataro (4): Chesto Berries (Near); Family Repelent (Stinky); Electivire (Trainer17); Slowking (Ketamine); Lapras (Noble One); Drapion (Legendary Master)
Ayotui (5): Daycare Pass (GliscorMan); Kricketune (DancingDodo); Golem (Banditos); Daycare Pass (gmandiddy); Daycare Pass (Dermodio/Merry-Modio)
Banditos(4): Trapinch (Coasting Wingull); Trapinch (Dr.StubbsBerg); Trapinch (ayotui); Trapinch (Pichu Boy)
Black_Cat320 (4): Sandshrew (AceTrainer14); Teddiursa (Trainer17); Smoochum (Wintervines); Bulbasaur (Coasting Wingull)
Brizer (1): Mammoswine (Acetrainer14)
Bumblebee (12): Secret Key (Nyurgh); Seadra (Sec); Exeggutor (We Taste Pies...); Xatu (Jokester Jesse); Charizard (siless); Lombre (Monbrey); Cradily (GliscorMan); Armaldo (Banditos); Kangaskhan (Trainer17); WinterVines (Weavile); Lickilicky (Maverick); Shedinja (Mubz); Eevee (Stinky); Daycare Pass (Ataro)
Buzzer (3): Torchic (AlaskaPigeon); Daycare Pass (Monbrey); Duskull (gmandiddy)
Coasting Wingull (1): Spooky Plate (evanfardreamer)
ChainReaction01: TM Protect (MagikChicken)
Dancing Dodo (4): Togekiss (Miloticgirl McQueen); Staraptor (AlaskaPigeon); Fire Stone (Zeferin); Heat Rock (Pokemad)
Derian (9): Ambipom (Ash K); Electrode (Wrave); Vaporeon (Kai-Mei); Seaking (Scourge of Nemo, Dragoness, Hide in Plain Sight, Buzzer, Synthesis, Neonsands)
Dermodio/Merry-Modio (2): Park Ball (Faere Rainstar); Togepi (Emboarbeque)
Dog of Hellsing (26): Combusken (Pidge); Daycare Ticket (Stinky); Slowbro (Synthesis); Houndoom (JokesterJesse); Swampert (Trainer17); Heracross (Nekogal); Tentacruel (Bumblebee); Ambipom (MiloticgirlMcQueen); Gastrodon (gmandiddy); Electivire (Thunder410); Walrein (Akinai); Shuckle (Ayotui); Torchic (Dermodio), Thunder Stone (Elrond); Daycare Ticket (Noble One); Claw Fossil (mubz); Bulbasaur (HikaruIzumi); Mr. Mime (Coasting Wingull); Flygon (Neonsands); Slaking (Marshy); Magmortar (Zeferin), TM Sunny Day (Ayame Kijo), Vespiqueen (Wrave); TM Sludge Bomb (RainbowMoondust); Nidoking (Hide in Plain Sight); Miltank (Near)
Dragoness (8): Absol (Shen); Eevee (Scourge of Nemo); Cyndaquil (MuddyMudkipz); Teddiursa (Alaskapigeon); Magby (Ace); Larvitar (Noble One); Misdreavus (Morru Magnum); Anorith (DrStubbsBerg)
Ebail (5): Daycare Pass (synthesis); Garchomp (Hikaru Izumi); Skuntank (AceTrainer14); Ambipom (Kai-Mei); Raichu (Black_Cat320)
Emboarbeque (2): Shell Bell (Kanga); Water Stone (Dermodio)
EmBreon (1): Ludicolo (Haze)
Eraizaa (7): Spinda (Dog of Hellsing); Floatzel (Trainer17); Electrode (HKim); Pinsir (Pidge); Infernape (Morru Magnum); Tyranitar (ragnarokk0422); Flareon (TheEvilDookie)
evanfardreamer (1): Insect Plate (Kanga)
Feng (11): Lum Berries (Xalapeno); Ledyba (Legend Slayer); TM Poison Jab (WTP); TM Water Pulse (Ataro); Water Stone (Fierce Deity); Leaf Stone (DrStubbsBerg); Thunder Stone (Legendary Master); Daycare Pass (ST); Daycare Pass (Siless); Sota (BrightPowder); Muk (LightningFast)
FrostyJake (1): Charcoal (Morru Magnum)
GliscorMan (5): TM Iron Tail (Buzzer); TM Curse (Black_Cat320); Ampharos (Winter Vines); Golem (Ayotui); Ampharos (Ebail)
gmandiddy (5): Magby (Buzzer); Bellsprout (MuddyMudkipz); Golem (Dermodio); Piplup (RouletteDares); Phanpy (Win)
HikaruIzumi (7): Eevee (kanga); Digital Camera (Synthesis); Typhlosion (Monbrey); Spiritomb (Ebail); Mudkip (Morru Magnum); Mudkip (Dermodio); Chimchar (Messy Lil Raindrops)
Hide in Plain Sight (28) : Lum Berries x3 to the following People (Ebail, Derian, Alaska, Acetrainer, Miloticgirl, Siless, Pidge, Monberry, Magichicken, Ash K, Scourge of Nemo, Ataro, Banditos, Chainreaction, RouletteDares, Synthesis, Wrave, Near, TED, Leman, Bumblebee, Dr. Stubbs, Kai-Mei, Sakuya, Jesse, Dodo, Buzzer)
Husnain (2): Alakazam (Ketamine); Lucario (Loyal Arcanine)
iReign (2) Bronzong (Neonsands~); Chimchar (Monbrey)
Jokester Jesse (6): Dustox (Bumblebee); Mantyke (Ayotui); Bastiodon (Dog of Hellsing); Mr. Mime (Ragnarok0422); Rampardos (Fierce Deity); Heart Mail (Shozuka)
Kai-Mei (6): Walrein (RouletteDares); TM Ice Punch (Derian); Luxray (Synthesis); Mudkip (Legendary Master); Gallade (Monbrey); Scyther (Ebail)
kanga (1): Magmortar (Emboarbaque)
Ketamine (7): Azurill to the following people (Dodo, Black_Cat320, Feng, Near, Nekogal, Sec, Siless)
Lan (1): Forretress (Pidge)
Legendary Master (5): Vespiquen (Scourge of Nemo); Ditto (Pidge); Daycare Pass (AnnaEgrov); Ampharos (Kai-Mei); Bagon (Morru Magnum)
LS (1): Espeon (Snow Fairy Sugar)
Magikchicken (6): Dubious Disc (Sakuya); Seaking (Evanfardreamer, Miloticgirl, Siless, Wintervines, Anna Gorov, Wrave)
Magmortar123™ (1): Soothe Bell (RainbowMoondust)
Marth (1): Alakazam (Rust)
Marshy (2): Poliwrath (Haze); Gyarados (JokesterJesse)
Messy Lil Raindrops (1): Togepi (HikaruIzumi)
Miloticgirl McQueen (4): Roserade (AceTrainer14); Grimer (Noble One); TM Toxic (Alaskapigeon); Mudkip (HiPS)
Monbrey (13): Gardevoir (We Taste Pies...); Charmander (ebail); Charmander (HikaruIzumi); Blastoise (Kai-Mei); Gyarados (AlaskaPigeon); Nidoran M (Siless); Nidoran F (WinterVines); Shiny Stone (Buzzer); Eevee (ragnarokk0422); Infernape (Black_Cat320); Razor Fang (Near); Elekid (Muddy Mudkip); Win (Charmander)
Morru Magnum (3): Totodile (Dragoness); Heat Rock (FrostyJake); Life Orb (DrStubbsberg)
mubz (9): Iron Ball (Monbrey); Iron Ball (Ebail); 20% Story Ticket (Alaskapigeon); Phanpy (Bumblebee); Drapion (Fierce Diety); Donphan (GliscorMan); Light Clay (Xalapeno); Salamence (Wrave); Venusaur (evanfardreamer)
MuddyMudkipz (2): Shell Bell (Dragoness); Shell Bell (DrStubbsberg)
Natorei (2): Spheal (Pokemon.Master51); Cloyster (ChainReaction01)
Near (18): Ambipom (Mubz, AceTrainer14, Magikchicken); Linoone (Ayotui, Alaskapigeon, Derian, Scrouge of Amaroth, Ataro, Buzzer); Staravia (RouletteDares); Weepinbell (Bumblebee16); Donphan (Monbrey); Ursaring (Kanga); Bibarel (Synthesis); Floatzel (Pidge); Cradily (Gliscorman); Pupitar (Wrave); Kanghaskhan (Dog of Hellsing)
Nekogal (2): Tyranitar (Neonsands); Togekiss (force_of_corrupt)
Neonsands (3): Ledyba (Banditos); Ledyba (Derian); Ledyba (Magikchicken)
NeoShadowJake (2): Light Clay (Paragon); Charcoal (Chibi-Robo)
Noble One (16): Swellow (sota); Jolteon (Nekogal); Omastar (AlaskaPigeon); Derian (Aipom); Lapras (WinterVines); Mach Battery (Dog of Hellsing); Tyrogue (Bumblebee); Lum Berries (Hikaruizumi, Banditos, Ataro, Pidge, Ash K, and Dodo); Roulette Dares (Quick Claw); Gabite (Smooth Rock); Lopunny (Scourge of Nemo)
Paragon (1) : Charcoal (NeoShadowJake)
Pidge (3): Togepi (Legendary Master); Bagon (kanga); Staryu (Ketamine)
pman (3): Sudowoodo (Pidge); Eevee (Monbrey); Soft Sands (Stinky)
Ragnarok0422 (8): Dusknoir (Ataro); Houndoom (Trainer17); Garchomp (LightningFast); Muk (Anna Egorov); Manectric (JokesterJesse); TM Avalanche (Eraizaa); Cacturne (Wrave); Cradily (mubz)
Rainbowmoondust (1): Electrizer (Magmortar123)
Roulette Dares (2): Fire Orb (Alaskapigeon); Smoochum (Evanfardreamer)
Sakuya (3): Iron Ball (Magikchicken); Smooth Rock (Neonsands); Smooth Rock (Derian)
Scourge of Nemo (13): Larviatar (Win); Lapras (Dragoness); Gyarados (Near); Treecko (Emboarbeque); Snorunt (Legendary Master); Metagross (Noble One); Corsola (AceTrainer14); Surf HM (RainbowMoondust); TM Dark Pulse (Morru Magnum); Smeargle (Eraizaa); Dusknoir (Paragon); Exeggutor (IceKyurem)
Shozuka (1): Cherrim (JokesterJesse)
SiberianTiger (2): Houndoom (Anna Egorov); Daycare Pass (Pidge)
Siless (1) : Spiritomb (Dog of Helsing)
Stinky (3): Jynx (Roullette Dares), Gengar (AceTrainer14); Rotom-H (MagikChicken)
Synthesis (10): Metang (AceTrainer14); Houndoom (Ebail); Gallade (HikaruIzumi); Yanmega (Kai-Mei); Tyrogue (HideInPlainSight); Espeon (Derian); Machamp (Dog of Hellsing); Soothe Bell (Coasting Wingull); Eevee (Pokemad); Eevee (Buzzer); Togepi (Timpeni)
TheEvilDookie (1): Lileep (Wrave)
Thunder410 (17): Mudkip (Roulette Dares); Sandshrew (AnnaEgorov); Camerupt (Zeferin); Nidoqueen (gmandiddy); Eevee (Win); Meowth (FrostyJake); Mamoswine (WinterVines); Ampharos (Mubz); ragnarokk0422 (Magnezone); Sec (Quagsire); Near (Torterra); ChainReaction (Houndour); Gabite (Garchomp); ST (Kabutops); MiloticGirl (Typhlosion); Ash K (Dragon Plate); TED (Focus Sash)
Trainer17 (8): Grumpig (Bumblebee); Daycare Ticket (Ataro); Jumpluff (kanga); TM Substitute (DancingDodo); Blaziken (Ragnarok0422); Roserade (Black_Cat320); Magnezone (Sakuya); Ambipom (Windchaser); TM Explosion (8-bit); Razor Claw (Rival Silver)
We Taste Pies... (1): Electrode (BlackCat_320)
Win (2): Grimer (Scourge of Nemo); Cloyster (FrostyJake)
WinterVines (3): TM Toxic (GliscorMan); TM Hidden Power (AnnaEgorov); TM Hidden Power (MagikChicken)
Wrave (5): Leaf Stone (AceTrainer14); Forretress (Banditos); Golem (Mubz); Nidoking (RouletteDares); Staraptor (ragnarokk0422)
Xalapeno (5): Eevee (Zeferin); Camerupt (gmandiddy); Magmortar (mubz); Mismagius (Feng); Ursaring (Nyurgh); Linoone (Snow Fairy Sugar)
Y2kPikachu12 (5): Roserade (Near); Sudowoodo (Dragoness); Camerupt (Scourge of Nemo); Infernape (8-Bit); Garchomp (Rival Silver)
Zeferin (1): Lapras (Ayame Kijo)

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