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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

After Kiseki answered Keiru's question, everything fell silent as the group seemed to return to or start their drawings. Kiseki became aware of the pain in his stomach once again, having started back up when he'd sat down. He shifted uncomfortably, bringing Ichiru to glance at him, a slightly concerned expression on his face. The younger twin gave him a reassuring but forced smile, knowing what he was thinking.

Movement beside him brought Kiseki to glance at Keiru, catching the image on his paper just before he crumbled it up. He froze at the sight, instantly recognizing the figure from some of his past nightmares. Surely that was just a coincidence...right? It couldn't be him. Of course not.

Ichiru nudged his brother, bringing him back to reality. The younger twin looked at him, receiving the same expression, to which he shook his head, although his gaze was drawn back to the crumbled piece of paper lying on the table. He wanted to ask Keiru about it, but decided against it, thinking it wouldn't be a very good idea right now.
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