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Default Re: [SU] Shadow of the Dunsparce

Name: Sienna

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Alignment: Pokemon Trainer


As the picture suggests, Sienna has a liking for black and red. She wears a sleeveless, thin red vest-like shirt with a plain black t-shirt underneath, along with thin black pants. On her feet are red and black running shoes. She also wears a red beret with a pokeball symbol on the side (It's also rather too big for her head). Around her waist is a small bag in which she carries supplies - Potions, Antidotes, Pokeballs, etc.

Sienna's skin is dark and rather smooth while her hair is black, droopy, and not very well taken care of. It drops down to about shoulder length and usually gets in her eyes at the worst times. She is rather nearsighted, so she wears glasses. Her eyes are dull and gray colored. The girl's body is of average build.

Personality and Background:
Being angry isn't something you'll see her doing openly, usually letting out her emotions in private with the support of her Pokemon(The best they can, anyways). Otherwise, she is rather motherly to those close to her, helping them out to the best of her ability. That isn't the best of qualities most of the time, however, since it ties into one of her big flaws. She has a problem of easily trusting people and getting quite disappointed when they betray her in some way.

Although her pokemon are more than in good shape for battle, she really hasn't battled her pokemon in awhile, since she's finding it rather repetitious. For right now, she only travels, only getting into battles if she has to.

Raichu - Male
Walrein - Female
Sharpedo - Male
Venusaur - Female
Shiny Charizard - Male
Feraligatr - Male

Other: My plane was attacked by airborne Absols. **** was scary.

Name: Zeppelin

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Alignment: Rocket Executive

Appearance: Zeppelin's very tall and has a masculine build, standing at about 6'2". He has narrow gray eyes that are like two pieces of steel, which seem to watch everything that goes on around him. His straight, dark-colored hair is neck-length and is worn in a bizarre style. His wardrobe is normal, but mostly consists of a blue and gray rocket executive outfit. His skin is rather pale, but he doesn't think much of it.

Personality and Background:
Scizor - Male
Heracross - Male

Other: Both of his pokemon are usually out of their pokeballs and at his side. Also, airborne Absols.

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