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Default Re: [SU] Shadow of the Dunsparce

The old Institute crowd broke out, eh?

Blargh, despise making SUs with a fiery passion...

Name: Isaac Sheng

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Alignment: Pirate, Sailor

Appearance: Standing a bit tall, perhaps six feet and some inches, Isaac Sheng is rather bland. His features are almost instantly forgettable; with a typical Asian face and mousy black hair, Isaac is not one to stand out in a crowd. His face is a bit pinched, one hand is always scratching his head, quizzically, and he stands as if lopsided, looking like a perpetual question mark next to the sleek exclamations of his other crew mates. His clothing tends to veer towards the conservative, and he is nearsighted, so he wears glasses. In an effort to appear slightly more like a pirate, Isaac has recently taken to wearing a bandanna, as well.

Personality and Background: Isaac is lazy. That is the first thing anyone will learn about him; he spends more effort trying to not do hard work than the work itself requires. This general avoidance of actual labor has given him a kind of extrasensory perception for trouble, and the moment he catches so much as a whiff of responsibility coming his way, he will go off sprinting in the other direction. That is to say, the few times people do catch Isaac and force a promise of work out of him, he will do it, albeit with much groaning and deliberation; the end result, though, will undoubtedly be a satisfactory one. Isaac has no qualms with authority, in this respect; he just avoids work on general principles. Isaac could be compared to a falling leaf; the winds buffet it to and fro, it might take a while to fall, and sometimes it'll meander and twist and even go backwards, but, in the end, it will still touch the ground.

He does have some merit, though. Isaac can trick, con, and cheat his way out of almost anything (i.e. hard work), and has become somewhat of the residential grifter of the Dunsparce. Isaac has conned his way across Johto, and, while he has a tendency to steal from the rich, it's only because they have more money to take and the poor aren't worth the trouble. Hired for an odd job by the Dunsparce, Isaac has stuck with them ever since, for no better reason than that it would require more effort to leave than to stay.

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