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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

((He's not quite as blind to her presence as she thinks...))

Ichigo Kurosaki
Karakura town

"... O...kay then..." Ichigo commented, more ignoring the incredibly weird Soul Reaper that had decided to follow him than listening to her cooing some weird song. Apparently, she thought he was just another spiritually blind Human who wouldn't be able to see her. And he couldn't, really; he could see her as a shadowy haze in the outline of a Soul Reaper, and her voice sounded a bit like it was coming through a wall... but it was there. And it was annoying as hell. "Look, kid, go find someone else to bother, 'cause I've got more important things to do than babysit some damn Soul Reaper."

That would probably surprise her. And, he realized after he said it, probably spur her to follow him and openly mock him. Great, just what he needed; a clingy Soul Reaper following him around at a time like this. Some time for Renji to be absent. The Soul Reapers were probably here now, fighting these... whatever the hell they were. Good for them, but couldn't they be a little more thorough with their protection? Thankfully, however, his shouts from earlier had inspired the crowd of people to quickly start running away. The sight of one of the monsters standing right over him probably helped, too. He wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been big enough to cast a shadow before it, and that gave Ichigo just enough warning to dive out of the way before being crushed. Damn, what he wouldn't give to have a Zanpakuto for just a couple of minutes right now.

Byakuya Kuchiki
Karakura town
Soul Reaper, Squad 6 Captain

Byakuya was well aware that his squad was more backing the Mani user than vice versa, but Squad 6 had been sent to prevent the monsters-- Manifestations were what they called them, but they were monsters all the same-- from overwhelming the Humans and tipping the balance between worlds. At the moment, they were mutual support for each other, and neither group was eager to let themselves be killed by these monsters. A swarm of them came for Byakuya and Byakuya alone, but none of them so much as touched him. Every precise sword strike delivered by Senbonzakura was so fast that there wasn't even a flash of light from the blade, and indeed even the cuts themselves took several moments to register on the now-defeated enemy. One attempted to attack the captain of Squad Six from behind, only to be cut down by a weapon more a whip than a sword.

"Captain, the Manifestations are attacking us in main force, but more of them are sneaking away to attack the Humans. I came back to get my orders," Renji reported, defending himself quite well. Byakuya was impressed by how much his lieutenant's skills had improved through this incident, but praise was not required at this point in time.

"Take three men from Squad Six and keep the Manifestations from feeding on the Humans. The rest of us will hold the line here. Go, make sure none of them get through," Byakuya ordered, his slate gray eyes flicking in the direction of a clump of the monsters forming together. They apparently sought a being that could stand up to him, as the resulting monster was fast enough to almost touch the hem of his haori. Almost being the key word. The monster lost its head to a flick of Senbonzakura, but the massacre of their bretheren didn't seem to deter them at all. More of them came, and more of them fell like flies around the captain of Squad Six. How incredibly dull...
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