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Default Re: Voice Acting

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
That was totally great you guys! Harry, it's not an argument, it's a "discussion". Right, Xanthe?

And omigosh! Bloopers! XD Awesome.
Thank you, Kris! 8D Haha, either one! ^v^ Dusty gets in a lot of arguments anyway. xDDD But yeah...and somewhat angry discussion. xDD

xDD YES! I love bloopers. xD Though I'm the only one that stuffs up. xDDD


EDIT: I DID ANOTHER ONE. I wanted to do a scene from Scy's The Path of Destiny, involving an angry Thunder and Rosie during one of their arguments, and I'm also Redclaw just for the hell of it. xDD Here it is. It's only short, and there aren't many bloopers!

Thunder: “Leave me alone, or I’ll chop your tails off!”

Rosie: “I’m not afraid of you! A blind hatchling could see that you wouldn’t last a second fighting a fire type! You probably couldn’t even get close to me without passing out again…you need to learn your place, learn to shut up, and learn that you aren’t the most powerful pokémon ever-you get weak just like the rest of us!”

Redclaw: “Stop this now. Rosie, go up with Snowcrystal at the front of the group. Thunder…”

Thunder: “I’ll do what I want! That ninetales can only fight with petty words. I can tear her apart!”

Redclaw: “And you will do nothing of the sort. Stay here. She won’t bother you.”

Thunder: “Coward!”

So it's only short. x) Hope you like!
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