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Default Re: Meteor Valley

Meteor Valley RP: AUFan
Ranger Rusty Anderson

It seemed that Alden was coming to the same conclusion as I had, Future Sight was coming, but when and where was still a total mystery. Umbreon dashed forward as fast as it could, trying her hardest to hit Espeon with his own attack. Apparently, Espeon had decided to try using Psybeam again, once again aiming at the ground, sending itself flying with the force of the blast. Now, whether it had done this out of confusion, or instinct, I would never find out, but in the end, it worked out for the pink cat.

Umbreon stopped, watching the Psychic-type hit the ground after shooting itself. The sky formed a swirling abyss above the cat, and suddenly, a large purple beam crashed down on Umbreon. Fortunately, she had sensed her trainer's worries, and sidestepped to avoid the attack, but she was fast enough to avoid the resulting blast. The Future Sight attack had exploded, knocking Umbreon into the air. Espeon was still confused however, and showed no interest in attacking.

"What's your next move, Alden?" I thought to myself.

Trainer Stats

Name: Alden Umstar
Bag: 6 Park balls, 4 Super balls, 2 Full heals, 3 Max potions
Remaining Encounters: 14

Money: 2,500
Encountered Pokemon: Espeon
Captured Pokemon: None

Pokemon: Umbreon(F/Calm/Synchronize) - 95.93% EMs: Toxic(Out of Ball)
Flareon(M/Adamant/Flash Fire) - 100%
Shiftry(M/Impish/Chlorophyll) - 100% EMs: Solarbeam

Current Encounter: Espeon(M/Modest/Synchronize) - 79.81%
Rarity: Rare(56,000 MCR)
Progress: 10,530

Battle Status

Alden's Umbreon(F/Calm/Synchronize) - 83.29%
Last Used: Quick Attack


Wild Espeon(M/Modest/Synchronize) - 73.16%(Confused)
Last Used: Psybeam
Currently Using: Nothing

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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