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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

Kilara Zirrin
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
Human Deliverer

I was just about ready to drop the shield and get us back into the fray when three of the Manifestations abruptly dropped to the ground, dead. For a moment I was confused, but the cause became obvious a few seconds later. Thousands of what appeared to be rose petals sliced through the air, reducing several dozen Manifestations to gory ribbons. I glanced around until I spotted the one responsible, lifting a hand in grateful acknowledgement to the Captain of Squad Six.

Captain Kuchiki made a comment about the Manifestations wanting to be killed by him, then turned his attention to me for a moment, saying his Squad was relying on my support. I wanted to point out that it was actually the other way around, that the Soul Reapers were helping the Deliverers, but it wouldn’t do any good and might actually just tick off my allies. Instead I nodded and flashed a thumbs-up at the Soul Reaper.

“Actually, I think I can get back to it now,” I said, eyeing the horde of Manifestations. They had become still, clearly uncertain about pressing the attack when they could be killed without seeing what was doing the killing. But some of them apparently got tired of just waiting around and leapt at Kuchiki, snarling and making other various noises. The rest of the mass came at me and the Soul Reapers still protected by my shield. Without hesitating, I drew my sword and whipped it around, focusing on the Mani forming the shield and rapidly drawing it towards me. It condensed and covered the blade of my weapon, making it sparkle like an overly-polished diamond. I then drew my arm back and brought the blade around in a huge horizontal slash, causing the Mani around the blade to tear forward. The Mani moved with such speed that it was compressed into a long, sharp blade of energy, slicing through nearly four rows of Manifestations before petering out.

“Flare up!” I shouted as the Soul Reapers behind me rushed forward. I placed the tip of my sword on the ground and sharply jerked it around, stopping when it was directly in front of me. The friction of the blade across the pavement caused sparks, which I caught with Mani and fueled with Mani. The sparks exploded into about fifteen orbs the size of my head, all of them burning in a rainbow of colors. Each orb of flame I directed forward, willing one to encase everyone fighting. It would shield them from physical blows for a few moments, turning an enemy’s attack back at them on top of giving them a nasty burn. When the flames were stretched over a person’s body they were almost invisible, but there was a definite sense of warmth to let the others know the flames were still there. Once that warmth vanished, they’d know they needed to be more careful.

After ensuring I was shielded as well, I charged forward and swung my sword around, letting out a wordless cry as I rushed towards my enemies.


Kuramori Iochi
World of the Living, Karakura Town
Rogue Soul Reaper

Kuramori’s pets had wanted to join the fighting that had broken out in the early afternoon hours, and she’d decided to tag along to watch to carnage and maybe deal out a bit herself. Most of her pets got distracted as they entered the town, attacking random humans instead of going towards the center of Karakura. The stronger and therefore smarter ones kept going, eventually joining up with the main fight. Kuramori had wanted to watch, but she’d sensed several Soul Reapers near the fight, including Kuchiki-Taichou.

How she hated the Taichous, but Kuchiki was one she truly despised. He was one of the ones who personally betrayed her, who tried to have her killed. When she’d noticed he was present, she’d wanted nothing more than to sneak in and merrily kill him. Stab him through the heart, perhaps, but then he’d die too quickly. Maybe slicing his throat and watching him choke on his own blood? Yes, that would be entertaining, and she’d make sure she’d cut just so, so he didn’t bleed too much and die too quickly.

But instead of killing him, Kuramori had hidden her spiritual pressure and fled the scene. Her paranoia about being found before she was ready to kill the Captains that betrayed her had won out over her desire for revenge. She’d left and tracked down her other pets, those Manifestations that seemed drawn to her for some reason and followed her everywhere.

While she was hunting for her pets, she noticed a small group of weaker, stupider Manifestations wandering away from the main fight. A few of these eventually reached an area that hadn’t been evacuated because of the battle going on further in the town, and when they encountered unawares humans, the beasts had struck. There was instant chaos as the monsters attacked at random, though after a few seconds they regrouped and homed in on a young child.

But their meal was ended before it even started. Kuramori, from her place atop a two-story shop, saw a young human male launch himself at the Manifestations. He quite literally curb-stomped the thing before snatching the defenseless girl and swiftly carrying her away. Intrigued by this human who could so easily defeat even a weak Manifestation, Kuramori grinned to herself and started following him. She leapt nimbly from roof to roof, keeping the young man in view until he came to a stop and put the child down. After being told to get the panicking masses away from the area, the little girl darted off. Most likely she’d hide in the closest alley or get eaten by some other group of Manifestations. Either way, Kuramori didn’t care about the girl or her fate. Right now she was only interested in the boy.

She jumped down and landed right in front of him, but of course he didn’t see her. Kuramori laughed, a broken, eerie sound, and slowly walked around the orange-haired human. She absently picked at her tattered garb, occasionally rubbing the hilt of her Zanpaku-to. Without seeming to be aware of it, she slowly drew the blade from its sheath and let it drop, dragging the point against the ground as she circled the boy.

“Little baby, little baby, so far from home,” she cooed in a disturbing sing-song voice. “Little baby, little baby, it’s not safe on your own…” She then giggled, sounding like a small girl, before lifting her sword and ever so slowly drawing it through the air, stopping only when the sword was less than an inch from the human’s neck.

“Poor, lost little baby…”


OOC: Did I mention that Kuramori is crazy as hell? XD Have fun and make of this what you will. Oh, and Kuramori doesn't call the Captains "Taichou" out of respect. She's actually showing her hatred for them and mocking them.
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