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Default Re: Voice Acting

SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST. Or, as previously typed, "poast". :D

YAY SO I'M FINALLY DONE GUYS. It's really exciting because this scene has FIVE WHOLE (yes, not just their arm or their leg) PEOPLE in it.

Here's the script, from chapter 8 of Through the Eyes of a Flareon. Keep in mind this is the altered version of the actual chapter's contents, and it's in script form. x) ALSO IT HAS BLOOPERS. Because I am a derp.

Dusty: Me, Graceful_Suicune.
Random pokemon #2: Me.
Random altaria: Me.
Random pokemon #1: Scytherwolf
Random pelipper: HKim
Random pokemon #3: JokesterJesse
Haunter: XaiakuX
Chatot: Shen

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS. This was fun. c:

“Alright, now, you lot: as soon as we get out there, fly to the shore to find things like rocks to bring back and attack the humans with. In any way possible, tempt the humans to send out any flying types of their own. If their pokémon are in the air with you, then they probably won’t want to take their guns and shoot in case their pokémon are shot.”

Random pokémon #1: “I don’t know if this will work... It sounds scary.”

Random pokémon #2: “Yeah...”

Random altaria: “Well, I’m just going to fly away and not come back. What’s the point in returning?!”

Random pelipper: “I was thinking the same thing. That flareon’s plan is ridiculous, anyway. It’ll never work. Don’t know what in the world she’s thinking.”

Random pokémon #3: “What about all those pokémon who would just fly away and not return?”

Dusty: “Any kind of sick-minded selfish flying rat that chooses to do such a thing won’t be going to the nicer of the two Afterworlds. They’d be leaving us all! They’ll live to carry in their hearts a great deal of guilt. – (Pause) – All vine whip users—throw the humans off board, along with any pokémon that try to oppose us! Pokémon with confuse ray—confuse them until they can be confused no more! Pokémon with quick attack, speed charge or agility—use your speed to your advantage! By the way, (looks to haunter) you’ll have to repeat all this to the pokémon in the other crates before you break their locks.”

Haunter: “ can I remember all that you’ve just said?”

Dusty: “...Hm... Can you go through walls with other pokémon?”

Haunter: “O-only one.”

Dusty: “Good enough! (Looks for a candidate.) You, chatot!”

Chatot: “Yeah?”

Dusty: “Come up here, will ya?”

Chatot: “What?”

Dusty: “Chatter.”

Chatot: “Excuse me?”

Dusty: “You’re excused. Chatter.”

Chatot: “Ch-chatter?”

Dusty: “Chatter! Use your move chatter. This haunter will take you through the wall and into all of the other crates so you can repeat what I’ve said. That way, everyone in the other crates’ll know what to do if they haven’t already figured it out, and he won’t have to remember anything I’ve said.”

Chatot: “What?! I’m not doing that! It’s putting me in danger!”

“You think that nobody else is going to be in danger?! (Pause, turns to look at the others.) Listen! This is not a game! Neither is it a guarantee that everyone is going to escape unharmed...or even alive. If you lot think you’re in more danger than the rest of us, you’re wrong! Every one of us is going to be fighting for our lives! If a bullet from the humans’ guns is fired at any of us land pokémon, we’ll be more likely to be hit than any of you! Team Rocket humans will have more land than sky pokémon. That means that we will be the ones being injured the most! I want you to all understand that we have to work as a team and co-operate if we want this to work out. The humans are gonna put up a fight...and we must counter it with all we've got.”

Here's the clip:

Hope ya like it! 8D Thanks again, guys. x) It was fun!

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