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As Espeon's rage ended, it appeared as though a perfect time for Umbreon to counterattack the pink cat. Alden was so focused on what Umbreon's next move should be, he neglected to notice the pink hue in the sky appearing above Umbreon. Now is the perfect time to further break down the Espeon's defenses thought Alden to himself. "Alright Umbreon, lets use a T...".

He stopped mid sentance as he noticed the pink swirl in the sky above the black pokemon. "Quick Umbreon!" yelled the trainer. He knew that the future sight attack was about to hit. "Use a Quick Attack!"

This may not be a strong attack but it may be the only way to avoid the Future Sight and further weaken the Espeon. Who knows... with any luck, Umbreon's close proximity may cause the Espeon to take residual damage. Alden knew in the back of his mind that this was wishful thinking... but hey, why not give it a try?

Umbreon's rings burned with a bright blue color as her body moved rapidly, becoming a blur. She took off, charging at the confused Espeon as fast as her legs would carry her. As she approached the pink cat, still burred out of view, she lowered her head and prepared to smash against the Espeon with her full force.
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