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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

Ichigo Kurosaki
Karakura town, World of the Living

A pair of feet came down directly on top of the closest monster's head, the other two not having seen or sensed the orange-haired projectile that had made a crater out of their friend. Ichigo Kurosaki didn't wait around for them to figure out what sort of weapon had knocked their ally into the ground, however; the girl was small enough for him to pick up, and this he did, fleeing himself. Dammit! If I had my Soul Reaper powers, I'd be able to stomp those three flat! It's a good thing I got here when I did; this kid was gonna be food for whatever those monsters were. What the hell are they, some new kind of Hollow?

Judging from the lack of pursuit, someone else had noticed the commotion and was dealing with the monsters. Ichigo put the girl down on her feet, doing his best not to look superior or like a pervert given the situation. "Hey, you okay? Get everyone around out of here before more of those things show up," He ordered, not really having much choice but to run through the crowd shouting for everyone to evacuate. Damn this powerlessness!

Byakuya Kuchiki
Karakura town, World of the Living
Soul Reaper, Squad 6 Captain

Without warning, three of the Manifestations fell from injuries inflicted so quickly that few eyes would even have seen the cut, or the wielder of the sword. Senbonzakura was unsheathed and returned so quickly that it hadn't even flashed visibly. How disappointing; these monsters were even slower than Hollows. He may have been a powerful Captain, but that aside, he had thought these creatures would be tougher, given their reputations. The others seemed to have been having trouble. "Hmh. Even these monsters are slow," Byakuya Kuchiki, nigh-legendary captain of Squad 6, observed casually. The problem here was that there was a huge number of the creatures, though the individuals were not particularly powerful in their current state. He had no doubt they would eventually become stronger.

"It looks as though I will play the hero today," He further observed, turning his attention to the swarm charging at the barrier erected by an ally of his. Byakuya's lieutenant, Renji Abari, was in the city somewhere. Likely searching for that disrespectful cur Kurosaki. Byakuya drew Senbonzakura, holding his hilt with only one hand. "Scatter, Senbonzakura," Byakuya said, the thin katana blade scattering away in what looked like rose petals. A flick of his wrist shredded the first two waves of attackers, drawing the attention of the swarm and giving his allies a bit of breathing room. "You seem to seek a swift death. Very well, feel honored to die by my blade. Zirrin, Squad Six is relying on your support to make sure there are no unnecessary casualties. Don't rest any longer than you absolutely have to."

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