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Default Re: [pokemon rp] Decolonized (PG-13) OOC/SU

Name: Issac Deladius
Gender: male
Age: 15

overall physical description: Despite his young age Issac has some traits of people much older than himself. first of all his hair has turned a mysterious silvery gray, second he has slight wrinkles coming away from the sides of his eyes, and lastly he determined scowl which makes him look at least ten years older. it is also easy to see the youth in him. his eyes glow like light shining through a rain cloud, and the smirk he shows off to tell how he is feeling hold him to his childhood.

he wears a pair of black jeans with lots of loops and pockets and a dull green colored T-shirt. over this he wears his gray and black hooded jacket. he wears a pair of black hiking boots accented with little bits of dull green. around his waist is a brown leather belt with quite the collection of pouches. a leather necklace hangs down in front of his shirt. at the end of the leather string is a pewter figure that Issac can not identify. he also carries a black and dull green satchel which holds his other items.

Misc. objects: black/ dull green satchel, telescoping fishing rod*, sleeping bag*, flashlight, pocket knife, canteen, rope w/ grapple hook*, hatchet*, mini laptop

(*= carries on extended missions, but not all the time)

Personality: Issac is a stratigest. he never goes into anything without a plan. sometimes he goes out of his way to try out of the box ideas. Issac often tries inventing gadgets out of the old gears and things he finds while on missions. he's a good kid and tries to use them to help the poeple in the town, but some of them backfire and get him in trouble.

History: Issac was lucky to be suggested as a trainer, since his cousin tried to become one, but was denied. when he did become a trainer he seemed to be alot more social and did alot more outside of his home. this wasn't always a good thing, his parents found that he didn't want to stay home for more than a few hours. when he got his first pokemon he stayed even less.

Issac does fufil his duties as a trainer, but he spends most his time just out in the feild training and exploring. he's actually gained recognition for the fact that he spends so much time trying to find out more about the world which has changed so much since humans returned. Issac just want to know more about what the world was like before, but almost all of the clues to the past have become hidden in the dangerous ruins of the anceint cities.

Species: Ralts
nickname: Krimson

Special attributes: all green parts are dark red, red parts are black, white parts are drak gray

Personality: Krimson is a mysterious pokemon, he always surprises Issac with his brains, and brawn. Krimson is confident and always wants to keep going. he does everything Issac could ask of him, and sometimes Issac has to tell him to give up for krimson's own protection.

History: Issac had just gotten into the nearest ruined city when he felt a mystrious force. he turned around and thought he'd see someone, but he only saw some crushed metal cans blow in the wind. he turned back and found Krimson standing on a beam right infront of his face. they looked at each other. Issac still a little shocked fell back when the ralts cried out. he tried to get to his feet, but stopped when he saw the ralts jump off its perch and walk over to him. the ralts tried to help him up, but the little pokemon wasn't strong enough. Issac got up on his own and squated down to be closer to the pokemon. the ralts smiled and yelped again. Issac remembered how ralts could sense emotion and took out a pokeball. the ralts stared at the device and yelped in happiness. Issac tapped the pokeball and the ralts was pulled in. it didn't shake or move, but only signaled a capture with a glowing red light, and so Issac named him Krimson.
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