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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

"F-f-fifty Two!?!" he shouted, taken off guard at first, "oh wait, there's no way you can be fifty-two, Milonakus disease or not."

“Haha, yeah you got me I'm just 14,” I replied quickly as Anderson began to talk again.

"Torkoal, Gligar, and Hippopatas, huh?" he said nonchalantly, "those are some good Pokemon. Torkoal aren't as common as some of the other fire-types, but I still see plenty of them around. As for the other two, we'll have to keep our eyes out. I know Hippopatas like to wander around the rocky areas of the mountain, but unless we can find a nest, Gligar tend to disappear in the ash."

“I hope we find some of those Pokémon! That would be sweet!”I told him as he stopped hiking and turned around as if he was being followed, Anderson noticed nothing suspicious at first but then he noticed a blue rock that happened to be oozing lava. Anderson stepped closer as I watched his actions. After Anderson moved closer the rock began to move, suddenly a Magcargo popped out of the earth, Anderson quickly jumped back as he had almost been burnt by Magcargo.

"Gah, I forgot that some of the Pokemon here can disguise themselves as rocks!" He shouted, before turning tome, "It doesn't seem like Magcargo will be any real threat to us, but would you be interested in catching one?"

“No I’m not really interested in a Magcargo, maybe if we leave it alone it will go away,” I explained to Anderson as the Macargo watched us.
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