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Default Re: Graphic Spotlight Art Submission Thread!

Originally Posted by JokesterJesse View Post
Graphic Spotlight Week Two submissions can now be submitted!

Title for the piece- Kain

Inspiration for the piece- People are always so focused on tags and avatars. But graphic arts span beyond that. They grow to Photo-editing, animation, and wallpapers. To be literal, Pixel art is a form of Graphic art work. Logos, or Text-Editing, there's a world of graphics that people aren't letting themselves be aware of, and it makes me a little sad.

Thoughts about the piece- I admire this, personally, using every conceivable form of graphic design from Masking, Vector, Gradients, c4d, Renders, Borders, Text Editing, Photomanipulation, and other stuff that I choose not to name due to tiredness. It's an intense piece that stands for everything that is "Graphic Arts." That, and Kain is a total bada**. =]

Resources- Deviantart and Google
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