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Default Re: Phantom Blade [RP]

Lucretia Dara
Order of the Phantom Blade
Temple of the Order (Meditation Room)

While the others were ready to go after the first piece, Lucretia wasn’t quite satisfied with the Council’s explanation. It seemed that they weren’t telling the whole story, resorting to cryptic answers. Total apocalypse? That sounded like an artful way of dodging the question. They wanted to avoid the question entirely, leaving the group blind as to what exactly they were fighting against. Lucretia decided not to pursue the matter; she would not get any answers here, not at the moment. Instead, she decided to delve into mission details a bit further.

“I assume you didn’t summon all of these warriors to take a scenic scavenger hunt around Hanta. Who moves against us? What do they know about Dinako’s return? And why would they be in support of…‘total apocalypse’?”

The archer clearly showed her dissatisfaction with the council’s explanation of the consequences. For such a quiet individual, she was being particularly inquisitive about the mission. Perhaps her “necessary skill” wasn’t her archery. Her lack of any association with the Order allowed her to question even the Council’s word. Within a group full of Order members, this was bound to be useful, especially with a traitor among their ranks.

The rest of the group continued to examine the puzzle, eager to head out and save the world. Lucretia worried that such eagerness would lead to rash decisions by hotheaded warriors. The wrong decisions could lead to mistakes. Mistakes that could get them all killed.
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