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Default Re: Phantom Blade [RP]

Virgil Anamo
Order of the Phantom Blade
Temple of the Order (Meditation Room)

“You have hundreds of Order members waiting for your commands to send them out to battle, yet you have chosen us and only us for perhaps the most important aspect of this quest. Tell me, why would you choose such a small group, especially those of us not even in the Order?”, Lucretia asked the Council. Looking at the young archer and the others, they explained the choice.

"It is because of two factors. One, because you are our most experienced warriors. Each of you has a unique a necessary skill required in obtaining the sword. Second, it is because not everyone in the Order can be trusted. We chose you to retrieve the sword and only you and not the 100 other warriors because we believe there are spies in the Order, who seek to attain the sword for their own nefarious purposes. If only a small group is informed of the location of the blade, it will be easier to prevent the sword from ending up in the wrong hands", the monk answered.

Virgil was surprised by the second statement. He didn't think of the possibility of a traitor hiding in the Order. Looking around the room with more attentiveness, he checked the entirety of the room to make sure they weren't being watched.

“What happens in six months, should we fail? What is the fate of this land and its people if Dinako rise to power?”, Lucretia asked next. It was this very question that the monks had wanted to avoid.

"If Dinako returns to full power the world is doomed to total apocalypse.", the monks told the group. It was then that Virgil realized how severe failure would be if they didn't get the sword. This sword held the key to saving all of Hanta. It was then that the monks began to speak.

"As such, we do not have time to waste", another monk began. Pulling a concealed scroll from out of his sleeve, he addressed the others about it's purpose.

"The Phantom Blade, being as powerful as it is, would naturally attract those who wish to harness it's power for evil. Himashi, knowing that the sword was too powerful for any one man, broke it up into pieces and hid them across Hanta. This scroll will lead you to the first piece, the tip of the blade. That piece will lead you to another, and so on until you have retrieved all the pieces. There are 5 pieces in all that you must recover, which you must then bring back to the Order so that we can reassemble the blade", the monk said, handing the scroll to Virgil. Taking the ancient manuscript into his hands, Virgil handled the piece delicately.

"You must do this before the Red Moon, which will indicate that six months have passed", the monk on the left told them, "Now do not waste any time, open the scroll and and read what has been written."

Virgil, slowly began to open the parchment, the words revealing themselves to Virgil and the others. Finally a complete sentence could be seen on the paper, although it's words was extremely cryptic.

"You hold the key in your hand, but the lock is in the library", Virgil read aloud. He didn't understand how the scroll would act as a key, but he knew it was important. He understood the second hint however.

"Scientia Fontis", Virgil began, "It has the largest and oldest library in Hanta. That is where we start."

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