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Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Do you guys prefer filler arcs or do you guys prefer strings of filler episodes? I think One Piece did a pretty decent job with fillers with the Impel Down arc, but it might just be that Eda gave a lot of material for the animators to work with. There's even a lot of space for fillers after the Impel Down arc too.
'Tis true that there are fillers that can be worthwhile regardless of them being arcs or multiple episodes, but those are often special cases. Think of how long it took Ash and company to get from one city to another. Thats the kind of crappy filler I'm mostly refering to. Sure the Team Galactic stuff did hook me to stay interested, but otherwise I was bored with it. When I started this thread I had watched the newest episode of Bleach which was a filler episode about movie making, a stupid filler in my opinion. Then I remembered the 10th year anniversary episode which interrupted some fight I don't currently recall and was absorbed in.
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