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Default Re: The problem of Evil

Originally Posted by ScubatheDiverman View Post
Ok Lus you have played with that statement long enough now.....

First, God created the Heavens as a paradise for the people of Earth who has followed his word and has believed in him, in other words good people. Now why if he wants evil to exist, did he create Heaven? I bet you that he wants every human that has been born to come to Heaven, but as you know, most don't deserve it. Second, God doesn't want evil to exist, since it's hard for him to control something that he can't. Question: who is the root of all evil? Satan is, and he's the one who puts the thought of sin(evil) in our heads. That's why God sent Jesus to die for our sins, so we could still have a chance to go to Heaven, it's our only defense as Christians/Humans against it. Really you're fighting the wrong....... deity I guess.
I've always wondered why one measly angel and perhaps a motley crew of other angels has enough power to stand up against God and his legions of angels, especially since man is supposed to be superior to angels. For God's sake he could just freaking curbstomp them SO HARD and there'd be no Satan in this world. Bringing up Satan just makes God sound even more full of crap, it's like he just holds it against us since Adam disobeyed his orders, or at least he can't be bothered enough with our welfare to lift like one finger and wipe out the entire Satan camp.

Mons are here though

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