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Default Re: Graphic Spotlight Art Submission Thread!


Title for the piece- Total PE2K Experience

Inspiration for the piece- I've always thought of the graphic designing board of PE2K a memorable place. Many great artists have come and go among the years, and many of their styles have rubbed off on me. I've learnt quite a lot in regards to designing right here in PE2K, and from the lessons I ventured farther out into more difficult designing, on other forums. This piece is a celebration of the styles of a few different tag artists (Matt, Callum, Azumao, in particular) that have shaped me into the artist that I am now.

Thoughts about the piece- I've always thought of Matt as a crazy vector and typo artist. The brown vector and the square-natured font reminds me of him. The yellow C4D is in Callum's name. He was always amazing with C4D (still remember him rocking his Astroboy tag with rainbow C4D during one of the WARs, that was mad stuff). The Kadabra is a compliment to the yellow. The textures on the brown is an homage to Azumao, as well as the wireframe C4D clipped onto the font.

Resources- A large pack from another forum (kudos to Sage from EX10). Thanks bro.
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