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Default Re: Dragon Ball X: A New Era

Name: Robert Masters
Age: 22
Race: Anthro Wolf

Sayian or Companion: Sayian Blood
Dragon Ball: 4 Star
Personality: Robert is a rather free-loving kind of guy. While he can put on appearances and act as a stuck-up businessman when he has to, he's actually very laid back. One thing he does enjoy are spars. he loves the martial arts and improving his skills, regardless if he wins or loses a fight. he also has a knack for tinkering with things. One thing that does stand out though is his pride. He knows his ancestory and he considers himself very fortunate to be of some sort of royal decent, though he doesn't make a habit of letting others know about it. Still he has a strong sense of pride as a fighter and won't back down until the fight is over.

Bio: Robert was born and raised by the owners of Capsule Corp, Julia and Vincent Masters. Growing up, he was a rather quick to learn things in school, but he also got into a lot of fights defending his friends from bullies. Oddly enough, he never lost any. His mother prides him on his fighting skills, supporting the way he helps those in need, while his father detests the fighting, saying that it is simply barbaric and not something the future CEO of Capsule Corp should be participating in.

Robert continued to excel in school while he spent his nights in an underground fight club to quench his almost natural hunger for battle and challenges. Eventually, he became a a head manager in his parent's business. His father seemed quite intent on making him continue the family business that was started by Dr. Briefs over five hundred years ago.

One night, Robert found a strange orange ball sitting upon the bed. It was orange and had four black stars within it. However, as soon as he picked it up, he felt a rush of power through his body. He could feel something change within him physically, a new found strength and combat knowledge emerging within his mind. When he slept that night, he had a dream of a strange man with tall, jet-black hair telling him to find the other balls like it. The figure also told him to do his royal heritage proud.

The following morning, Robert told his parents that he needed to travel around the world to find ways to make Capsule Corp better and perhaps find ways to produce better products at potentially cheaper costs. While this was a lie, it was convincing enough to earn the approval of his father. His mother said nothing, feeling that this was a good way for him to experience the real world without his father constantly looking over his shoulder and keeping him on a proverbial leash.

Trademark Attack: Final Flash - Robert conducts ki in both of his hands that places next to each other, combining the ki that discharges in the form of a devastating stream of energy. While only used as a last resort attack because of the immense amount of energy he uses, it is one of the very few energy attacks he uses.

Other: n/a

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