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Default Re: Graphic Spotlight Art Submission Thread!

Oh! Oh! Pick me! :D

Title for the piece- (Title? Wow, that's a whole new concept for me o_o) How about, Circuitry

Inspiration for the piece-
This was an entry for Banner of the Week 66, which had a no-render theme. We had to use brushes or C4Ds, which was pretty fun to work with :D I also wanted to do something techno-like, but still have a magcial touch to it. So, this is what I got ^^

Thoughts about the piece-I tried to do something new for a border, but I don't know if I like it that much, actually. LoL, but it fits the techno theme well, and I'm really glad with how the texture and lighting turned out.,, er... photobucket?

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