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Default Re: [SU] King of Monsters (Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover | Revived)

Name: Robert Kaiba
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Deck Theme: Lockdown
Bonded Monster: Blue Eyes White Dragon (Dragon Form / Spirit Form)

Personality: Like his father, Robert has a sharp mind and level head. Unlike his father however, he is more capable of making friends and admitting when he's wrong. He's loyal to the friends he does make. He is also very shrewd when it comes to business, often able to barter well and come out on top of business deals as his father had taught him. in duels, he's every bit as cunning and ruthless as his father, but like his father's rival, he puts his faith in the heart of the cards.

Bio: Robert was born to Seto and a fire-starter of a mother named Julia, a duelist from America who was able to give Kaiba almost as great a challenge as Yama Yugi did. Robert was raised to be a businessman and a duelist of top caliber. However, Robert didn't let all the sternness sink into him. He still enjoyed going to school and making new friends. He also enjoyed dueling for fun, taking losses as experience. Much to his father's slight displeasure, he became friends with the Moto family and Seto's eternal rival Yugi. His father more strongly disapproved of him spending time with Jess Wheeler and Aiko Moto, but Robert did so anyways because he enjoyed their company.

Robert eventually became known as one of the world's top duelists, along with Aiko Moto. The two were fierce rivals, but unlike Seto and Yugi, they were also close friends. During their last duel in the tournament held in honor of his father's Dueling Academy, Robert ended up getting pulled into a strange portal that was opened when his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon was locked in combat with Aiko's Winged Dragon of Ra. When he awoke, he found himself in a strange land. Even stranger still was that the creature that woke him was his Blue Eyes White Dragon.


Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Millennium Item: Millennium Eye

Personality: Max is your typical Know-It-All, but he's also very friendly. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and alot of courage. he'll do anything for his Pokemon and his friends. he can be very cocky however, though his Gardevoir keeps him in check. He can also be a bit of a show-off, and tends to get into fights with his sister May from time to time. However, he loves his sister and is always willing to help her out or cheer her up.

Bio: Max is the son of Petalburg's gym leader Norman. When May brought Ash to the gym, Max decided to mess with Ash's head for a bit. When May told her parents she was leaving to travel with Ash, Max decided to go along with them.

During his journeys, he made alot of new friends, both human and Pokemon. The three Pokemon he had perhaps the strongest connections to were the Ralts he saved, Deoxys and Jirachi. When he finally became a trainer and received Treeko from Professor Birch, he went straight to the Pokemon Center where he saved Ralts and reunited with her. He eventually ran into other old Pokemon friends: namely Shuppet and Mightyena.

Eventually after coming in 16th place in the Hoenn championships, Max traveled to Sinnoh. On the way, he helped out a school of Lapras that were being attacked by poachers. The youngest of the herd joined Max's team. Upon reaching Sinnoh, he battled and captured a Shinx.

On his way to Hearthome City to watch his sister compete for the Grand Festival, a storm came from out of nowhere. His Gardevoir drew Max's attention to the lights in the sky. One of those golden lights landed right at his feet with a brilliant golden flash. The storm had ended as soon as it began. The item looked like a strange eyeball made of gold.

Pokemon: Gardevoir, Shuppet, Grovyle, Luxray, Lapras, Mightyena

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