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Default [SU] King of Monsters (Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover | Revived)


Twenty years have passed since Pharaoh Atem separated from Yugi Moto and returned to the spirit realm. Kaiba Corp has just finished the construction of Duelist Academy. In honor of this grand opening, Seto Kaiba hosts a tournament in which his son participates. In the final battle, Robert Kaiba and Yugi's child face off, but something happens. As the powerful energies of the Winged Dragon of Ra and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon collide, a rift opens up, pulling several people into a strange new world.

This new world is filled with strange, power-wielding creatures known as Pokemon. But these creatures are not the only mystery. For each duelist, they find that the one card each one holds closest to their hearts has become real and can speak and act of their own accord. While they can still use their dueling disks to battle, only the realistic monsters can actually fight and interact with the environment outside the holograms.

Pokemon World

A strange darkening cloud has spread out over the land of Sinnoh, and seven rays of golden light shoot out, each one landing in different parts of Sinnoh. Each one was a golden artifact, each one holding a mysterious power. Professor Rowan found one item, the Millennium Puzzle, while Griffon, leader of the newly reformed Team Rocket, has come into possession of the Millennium Necklace.

The other five artifacts would be found by various trainers, and each would discover the power of the items. They would also find one or more of the duelists from another world. Only two of them would know the truth about the items: Robert Kaiba and Yugi's child. For Team Rocket, finding these items have become top priority as they hold the key to untold, forbidden power. For the duelists, they are the only means of returning home.

Your Role

You can play as either a duelist from Earth, or a trainer from the Pokemon World. Original cannons from Yu-Gi-Oh cannot be played, but their offspring can be. Cannons from Pokemon can be played.

For duelists, your most treasured card monster becomes your traveling companion. While all of your other cards have no effect outside holographic duels, your bonded card monster can be effected by equipment cards or spell cards that can cause them to 'evolve' (ie. laying out two holographic Blue Eyes and using Fusion to meld them with the real Blue Eyes will evolve it to Blue Eyes Ultimate). Your companion monster can be summoned and recalled in the same way as Pokemon, only using the card instead of a Pokeball.

For the trainers who find the millennium items, here is a list of the items and their power:

# Millennium Eye - Allows holder to look into another's surface thoughts
# Millennium Ring - Acts as a compass to the other Millennium Items as well as can turn wearer invisible
# Millennium Scale - Allows the user to decern truth from lies
# Millennium Key - Allows user to look into the souls of others; renders the user unconscious when this occurs
# Millennium Rod - Allows the user to command the minds of those who are weak-willed. Also allows the ability to telepathically communicate with others.

The Millennium Puzzle is in the hands of the Professor. Since the soul inside was freed, it acts only as a key for opening the portal once the other items are gathered, and will only work at a specific place. The Millennium Necklace, in the hands of Griffon, allows him glimpses into the future.

1.> No Godmoding.
2.> Keep romance PG-13
3.> Only the bonded card monsters can have any effect in the physical world (ie. Dark Magician can hurt a Dusknoir with Dark Magic attack, but your other cards are simply holographic and will only effect other dueling holographs)
4.> No legends. Also, you cannot use any of the God Cards or Exodia as your bonded monster. Your bonded monster must be at it's lowest version if it has other versions (ie. You can have Red Eyes Black Dragon as your monster, but not Red Eyes Darkness Dragon without using the appropriate cards)
5.> Upgrading bonded monsters only last for a battle. After the battle, they revert to their normal form (ie. You upgrade Dark Magician to Magician of Black Chaos to fend off a horde of Beedrill, but when the battle is over, he reverts to Dark Magician.)
6.> No more than 2 characters per player: One duelist, one trainer
7.> Remain active. Post at least 2-3 times a week.



Age: (15+)
Deck Theme: (Optional)
Bonded Monster:
Appearance: (Picture or 1 paragraph)
Personality: (1+ paragraphs)
Bio: (2+ paragraphs)
Pokemon: (None to start; max of 6 as you play through the RP)


Age: (15+)
Appearance: (Picture or 1 paragraph)
Millennium Item:
Personality: (1+ paragraphs)
Bio: (2+ paragraphs)
Pokemon: (6 max)

Items remaining:
Millennium Eye
Millennium Ring
Millennium Scale
Millennium Key
Millennium Rod

Max 5 trainers, 5 duelists
4 Trainer slots left, 4 duelist slots left

Robert Kaiba (Mewcario/Duelist)
Max (Mewcario/Trainer)

Mistress Meg



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