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Default Re: The problem of Evil

Originally Posted by Hassan_Descartes_AbdAllah View Post
So first you were arguing that since God is omnipotent, Evil pleases God. Now you are arguing that it displeases God but God still wants it to happen. I have a strong inner urge to interpret it as cheap violations of debate etiquette and underhandedness and so on but for now I will restrain myself and grant that this was an honest mistake, perhaps you meant "wants" the first time. Something being pleasing to someone and someone wanting something are two different things. Now obviously God approves the existence of Evil, but this doesnt mean He is evil, thats what my first post and all the arguments there were based on.
Does it? God clearly wants evil to exist. Someone who wants evil to exist must to evil, to some extent. Whatever God wants to accomplish, he can do it without evil. The fact that he is doing it with evil, means that he wants evil. Whatever he wants to do, he wants people to suffer, to be miserable, to starve and be tormented.

Otherwise I wouldve agreed with this, but since ths issue of logical possibility has been brought up, I hold that what is logically impossible doesnt come under the banner of "omnipotence" or even "potence". Omnipotence would only cover all things logically possible. To connect it with what has been said above on evil, it would have been logically impossible for God to test human beings the same way without evil: that would mean it is evil and not evil at the same time, hence contradiction. So God's "potence" to not allow evil is a logical impossibility and wouldnt come under the rag of omnipotence. Straighter still, this is not a flaw upon God's Omnipotence.
You seem to be saying that God cannot make impossibilities realities. But is this not, by definition, limiting God's power? Omnipotence is the ability to make anything happen, period. If there are things God cannot do, then he is not omnipotent. If he is not omnipotent, then the problem of evil is resolved. If you are indeed arguing that God cannot make the logically impossible possible, then you are arguing that God is not omnipotent as the term itself is defined, while using some other definition of omnipotence that is not the actual definition of the term itself. There is nothing that does not come under the banner of "omnipotence", impossible or possible.

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