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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

(false pretence is still in the rp but he isn't going to post until after the art class scene because he has nothing to really type )

As Ichiru and Ashley locked eyes, Kiseki broke the silence and caused everyone to look at him.

"Wait... a man with a knife... I saw someone like that in my dream before, too."

"Come to think of it, so have I." Ashley and Jeremy turned to Ichiru.

"You don't think that this has something to do with all of our ancestors, do you?" Kiseki asked.

"I don't know, but it would make sense if it did..." Ichiru paused for a moment, then continued. "We'll probably have to look into it a little more before we know for sure."

"Yeah, we should look into our family back round." Jeremy suggested.

"But we have a little problem though. I'm adopted, remember? We aren't siblings by blood."

"Yeah but my uncle is your biological father. Technically we're cousins, that's why we actually do look alike. But the point is, we still have the same blood. For you we just have to look into uncle John's back round." Jeremy stated. Ashley nodded and looked passed Ichiru, seeing Keiru walk it. She quickly snatched the lock of hair that was on the table and put it back into her pocket.

"Hey." Ashley said with a friendly smile as she began to draw again.

"May I ask what we shall be drawing?" Keiru asked as he took a seat next to Kiseki.

"I think you're supposed to pick an object from the room to draw." Kiseki answered. Ashley looked up and nodded her head, then looked back down at her own paper. The thought just struck Ashley that her and Jeremy had never told anyone about their family relation before. This was the first time ever for the two siblings.

"Ahh, okay. Thanks" Keiru responded. After telling her friends what had happened in the dream, Ashley's mood was more relaxing and energetic like it normally was, and Jeremy instantly noticed that. As Ashley was drawing her picture, she would glance up at Ichiru from time to time, the sight of him filling her with more positive energy. The third time she looked up at Ichiru though, her glance shifted over to Keiru's paper, where he quickly crumbled it up. Right before he crumbled it up though, she caught a short glimps of what was on the paper.

"It couldn't be..." Ashley thought in her head as she looked down at her own paper. She kept her gaze down for the remainder of the time while she was lost in thought of what she just saw.
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