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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

Ranger Rusty Anderson
Mt. Deckbi

After receiving confirmation from Jesse, I began hiking up the volcano. The young trainer followed me upwards, cautiously stepping over rocks and other debris on the path. Ash was gently falling in this area, and was too insignificant to cause any trouble. Further up the mountain however, the clouds would be thick and capable of suffocating a person. As a ranger, it was my job to keep the trainer from going that far up the mountain.

After a significant time spent hiking, I realized that there were no Pokemon roaming about. It might be an active volcano, but you'd think a few Fire-types would be playing in the cinders. I decided to raise my guard a notch or two, but for now there was nothing to worry about. I yawned, suddenly being overcome with boredom.

"I ask all my trainers this," I said, turning to face my trainer, "but what type of Pokemon are you interested in catching? It's not every day that a young trainer decides to explore a volcano like this one."

Trainer Stats

Name: Jesse
Money: $4000
Bag: 6 Park Balls, 3 Hyper Balls, 5 Super Potions
Remaining Encounters: 15

Pokemon: Gallade(M/Modest/Steadfast)
Walrein(F/Calm/Thick Fat)

Current Encounter: None

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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