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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

(lol no it was fine)

After several minutes of Ashley being unconscious on the couch, she slowly opened her eyes half way then closing them again. Ashley fought the urge to pass out again by forcing her eye open. Ashley sat up on the couch slowly as she looked around the room by turning her head. The inside of this large house had a dim lighting to it, giving it an mid-evil image. A fireplace with a soothing fire was burning to Ashley's right. To her left on the other side of the room stood a large bookcase filled with many many books.

A pounding could be felt in her head as she put an hand to the side of her head. She didn't even know Stefan was right behind her on the other couch due to her back facing him. With Ashley's back still facing Stefan, she slowly stood up and began to walk forward where a staircase with a maroon colored carpet was located.

"Is anyone here?" Ashley asked, waiting for an answer. She turned her head and finally met Stefan's eyes where he sat on the couch. Ashley quickly backed up and tripped over the first step, falling on top of the third. She quickly turned her head and saw Damon in another room.

"Please don't hurt me. I know the two of you are Vampires and I promise I won't tell anyone. Just please let me go." Ashley pleaded as she quickly looked over at Stefan with fear in her voice.

Bonnie and Jeremy waited and waited for Ashley to return, but she never came. They knew Ashley didn't have her cell phone since her bag was on the other side of the room. Jeremy looked over to Bonnie with a worried look.

"We should go looking for her." Jeremy suggested. Bonnie didn't waste no time; quickly getting up from the bed she ran downstairs with Jeremy at her heels. They quickly got into Jeremy's car and sped off down the road.
"Where do you think she would be?" Bonnie asked as Jeremy drove.
"I have an idea." Jeremy quickly raced down a few streets and stopped at the edge of the woods.
"The tree house?" Bonnie asked as she got out of the car.
"Yeah. I know how she thinks. She has to be here." The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds, then walking into the woods. Bonnie placed her hands into a tree and quickly got a vision. Jeremy stopped walking when he saw Bonnie close her eyes tightly. "What's wrong?" But Bonnie didn't answer for a few moment. Finally, Bonnie's eyes snapped open in fear.

"She was bitten by a Vampire!"
"What?! Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I just saw it." The two of them sprinted into the woods at once, swiftly dodging the obstacles that the woods provided. Even though they had to run a mile, a burst of rage and adrenaline flowed through out the two of them and reached the tree house in only a few minutes. Once they got there, two teens were seen not too far where Ashley was in the vision.

"Where's Ashley?!" Jeremy yelled to Ichiru, knowing he was a Vampire.
"It wasn't him Jeremy." Bonnie said as she quickly walked over to the very place where Ashley was only a few minutes ago. Fear and rage flowed through Jeremy as he shot daggers to Ichiru, then turning over to Bonnie after a few moments.

"Did you find anything?" Jeremy asked as he began to walk over towards her.
"I don't see anything...wait!" Bonnie quickly knelt down and found Ashley's silver bracelet snapped in half, along with droplets of blood on the leaves.
"Her bracelet..." Jeremy said.
"Her Vervain bracelet." Bonnie whispered.
"Vervain?" Jeremy whispered back.
"It's an herb that keeps Vampires from compelling you. She was compelled..." Bonnie stood up and looked over to Ichiru and Kiseki.

"Do you have any idea where Ashley might be?"
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