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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"Ahh, okay." Keiru responded. "Thanks."

Keiru glanced around the room, and stopped when he spotted sometnhing he would draw, and looked down at his paper, and began to draw. After several minutes, Keiru stopped drawing, and glanced down at the image, his eyes widening slightly as he saw what he had drawn, and drew a line through the image, before crumpling the piece of paper up. Keiru felt his heart beating rapidly as he wondered how he had drawn that when he was thinking of something else.

The image on the paper that he had ended up drawing was of the figure he had seen earlier, the same one he was seeing in his nightmares, and he shuddered as he thought about it.


Christopher turned his attention to the door as it opened, and his doctor walked in, accompanied by a nurse who was carrying a pair of crutches, holding a chart, a smile on his face.

"Well, Mr. Norris, it seems that you are free to go." the doctor smiled.

The nurse handed the crutches to Christopher, as the doctor helped him to stand, and he grabbed the crutches, and began to walk out of the room, using the crutches for support.

"Have a good day sir." the doctor said.
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