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Default How to Convince Dad?

In my house I am the only one who knows something about computers. I live with my technologically impaired 43 year old dad, my 71 year old nanna who has a hard time reading her Emails and my 11 year old brother who got my grandad convinced he had a virus after heavily guessed diagnosis on his computer. when he started saying that I told him to shut up because he was going to cause my grandad to panic and thats the last thing I needed. anyway I was the one who sets and controls our wireless internet. what I want to do is use our other wireless modem instead of the one that our ISP mailed us for a couple of reasons:
  1. It would be more secure
  2. I could change it to a password that we can remember
  3. there is bandwith allocation so I can speed up watching videos online, gaming or web browsing with 1 click
  4. I could monitor our network and if any of the people on our street have hacked it I could kick them off with the click of a button
  5. I hate my dads gfs son so when he comes over I could set the priority level on his laptop as low
  6. and the big reason. me and my bro both have iPod touches and my dad has an iPhone. Me and my bro are constantly losing our iPods and we could trace them on our network with this modem.

I have told dad all these reasons other than the one about his gfs son (he cracked it when I reffered to him as Satan) and he is saying "we have had n o issues with the modem we have now (even though in the first few weeks we had it our ISP crashed and we had no internet for a few weeks and then a few weeks later when we set a PPP password there was a typo and we couldnt connect (we thought our ISP had still crashed) for a few weeks until we realised it was a typo)

Anywho how do I convince dad to let me use this modem, I can't do it behind his back because the modem sits in the middle of the house and he would see (He is not that stupid with internet. he will know a different modem when he see's one), plus I would have to configure all of the laptops, printer and iPod touches/iPhones to it. I don't think i could do all that unnoticably.

So yeah, what do you think I should do to convince him to let me change the modem because at the moment I hate the one we are using. nanna can tell when I am downloading something when the internet light flashes like hell and I always get caught lol

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