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Default Re: [SU] Shadow of the Dunsparce

Here's mine! Ugh. I hate sign ups.

Name: Blaise Pascal (after the mathematician; no relation)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Alignment: Pirate, Captain of the Dunsparce

Image attributed to the Pokemon Trainer Dress-Up by Hapuriainen (and later photoshopped by yours truly)

Blaise wears an eye patch. She doesn’t find it ironic at all – just a matter of circumstance. Her right eye was severely injured by an overzealous trainer last year, so in order to protect the tender spot and spare society from the ghastly sight, Blaise wears an eye patch. One end of the vertical scar can still be seen slicing up through her eyebrow.

Blaise’s skin is dark, tawny, browned by the sun, and her hair is red and cropped short, and sticks out in all directions like fire in the wind. Heavy black eyeliner rings her visible eye, which is angular and shines gold. It gives her sharp face a mysterious quality. Her teeth gleam a brilliant white.

A pair of black-and-white trainers are on her feet and on her hands a pair of black riding gloves. She wears a gray-and-white striped midriff top above army-green capris, brazenly baring her toned middle. A black Dunsparce in a tribal design is tattooed elegantly over her navel. Her body is long and lithe.

Personality and Background: Blaise is a spunky type of girl who grew up in the sky, one of the many orphans born into the pirate trade. She is a leader and a mischief-maker by nature, and hopping parentless from ship to ship as a child only fostered her independent spirit. Her temper is quick to flare and quick to recede. Her tongue is so sharp that people don’t notice they’ve been cut until they’re bleeding seconds later. Her incurable sass is usually good natured.

She had heard only rumors of the Dunsparce during her childhood, and seen it once or twice, arguably the leader of flying ships in the pokemon black market. After spending a few dreary years on the ground, dabbling in Team Rocket dealings and common thievery, Blaise leapt at the opportunity to return to the clouds when the old crew disbanded. When the Dunsparce was grounded she took matters into her own hands, gathering up her own motley crew, eager to return to the clouds. The tattoo on her belly was her oath.

Pokemon: Taillow♂ named Rush, Arcanine♂ named Hermes

Other: Blaise is sometimes struck with headaches and dizzy spells on account of her old injury.

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