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Default Re: Pokemon: A new war

Name- Zero Verhine

Age- 13

Gender- Male


History- Zero was born and raised by an average farm family. He trained as a swordsmen and at five he got his first Pokemon protecter. Him and his protecter Ragnorak, started training to get stronger. The more they trained the more the king sent observers to watch him train. Eventually the king offered Zero a chance to become a swordsmen in his army. Zero's parents convinced him to say yes and if he ever got alone with the king to kill him. Zero then continued to train more and more then ever before. He eventually was highly regarded by the king that he gave him his own troop of soldiers to protect the southern borders of his kingdom. This is where his story begins.

Personality- Zero is nice and kind. Pratically being raised by the king has tought him that sometimes it is better to be mean when it is a life or death situation. Zero will only try to kill you if you try hurting his men. He is very faithful to the king and has changed his mind about trying to kill him.

Kings army or rebels- Kings army

First Pokemon protecter- Absol

Zero Verhine (austbot)


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