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Default Pokemon: A new war

The year is 1327 BC. In the kingdom of M'cluth the prince had a strong lust for power. So strong infact that he killed his own family at the age of fifteen to take the thrown. The prince's name was Rish. After his family was dead and he crowned king, was when trouble started happening. He reddied his armies and marched terroizing the land. It seemed as if no one could stop him. Then one day he came across a small village of Tw'ashky. The villagers and their Pokemon stood at the gates.

The villagers stood with their Pokemon companions at the gates of the village. The new king ordered his men to slice everyone in the village down. And thus they did. They lit torches and burnt the village to the ground. In a single night the king had obliterated entire families of men, weman, and even children. The Pokemon were taken and trained to fight as powerful soldiers in his army.

Word of this event spread like wild-fire, everyone knew about it within a month. The king was then called an evil man and many tried to eliminate him. Some villages even joined forces with as many as one-hundred other villages to try to eliminate the king. But none were succesful. The king killed them all with his armies and never suffered a single scratch. Then the people decided the best way to try to get rid of the king was to become a spy and take care of him from the inside.

Many tried this, but everyone failed. Millitias were formed to try to protect their villages and families. For the mean time this worked. But like all things it would not last forever. A new generation was growing up now, most seven or eight years old. Many obtained their first Pokemon protectors at five and started training at six in order to protect their selves and their familes when the time came.

You are either one of the new generation or of the parents, (One of you can be the king, and others can be the kings soldiers. Its up to you who you want to be.) and must band together with other villages to try to take care of the king once more. The one who succseeds will take the thrown and become the new king or queen. But I warn you, be careful for Pokemon live in the wild and shall try to kill you. You can either kill them or try to tame them to form a small army of your own.

Note- The world is in like a Pangea sort of way right now. Please act like it to be so.

You may have up to three characters. Try your best to be all of your characters and not have to ditch them.
Keep language to pg-13
Keep romance to pg-13
No g-modding
No bunnying
Tell someone if you will not be on in a while and we'll find someone to take you over while your gone
No teleporting, you must travel the distance
No huge armies of Pokemon at the start of the game. If you the king then well your the exception.
You only start with ONE Pokemon
Failure to follow the rules and you'll be banned from the rp

SU sheet-
Appearance (Either one picture of one paragraphs)
History (One paragraph)
Personality (2-3 sentences is fine by me. Sorry if thats really short i just stink at writings personailties.)
Kings army or rebels (the person being the king can just put king)
First Pokemon protecter (Please keep it at a stage 1 Pokemon)
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