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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Name: Ghalm Anvilhand

Age: 34

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Faction: Neutral

Magic abilities: Being a Dwarf, he is only limited to Earth magic. So...He uses Earth magic!

Weapons: Dual Warhammers and a Dwarven Sword he forged with his own hands and his book, which includes his collection of Earth spells, given to him by his father.

Interesting abilities: He has a specialty in forging and repairing weapons. He's a decent engineer and crafter.

Ghalm is honorable and an incredibly serious person. He won't stand for idiocy and ignorance and will no doubt stand up for what he thinks is right. If you ever bully or harm the innocent in front of him, he will become enraged and surely attack you, because if there's one thing he hates, it's harming the defenseless. When it comes to strangers in general, he can be rather wary and won't hesitate on attacking you if you start becoming too suspicious. Of course, there is a streak of kindness hidden under the tough and stern Ghalm. When you become an ally, however, his loyalty knows no bounds. He will aid you to the best of his ability if it is required. Despite his hard exterior, he's smarter than you'd think. In his free time, he reads any book he can find, about anything that interests him. He strives to gain as much knowledge of the world as he can, to be marked famous among his people for someday, maybe, creating something beneficial to all races even. It's near impossible to break his determination and he can damn well prove it to you.

Ghalm was born in a Dwarf clan in the mountains, the Anvilhands. As the name may suggest, they are a clan of blacksmiths, forging armor and weapons for the warriors of the clan. His father was a warrior of the clan, and so Ghalm was expected to take his father's place when the time came. The young Dwarf decided to mix that up. Some days he worked with his mother as a blacksmith and some days he trained with his father as a warrior. He was a determined young man and learned to balance out his studies. When he came of age and mind, his father gave him his spell book, passed down from generation to generation of his family. It had numerous Earth spells, more than enough to catch Ghalm's interest and dedication.

Soon, Ghalm was a formidable blacksmith and warrior, close to surpassing his parents even. Suddenly, news of an epidemic traveled to the Dwarf species. Fortunately, the mountains protected them from the disease, so they continued their business with not too much worry. Now, at present times, Ghalm has left his clan to travel the world that he's always longed to explore. His family had little to no objections, wanting him to carry out his dreams, as long as he returns some day to tell stories of his adventures. After carefully packing his equipment, he set off to the closest town.

Ghalm is stout and muscular, no much different from any other Dwarf warrior. Unlike the picture above, his skin is noticeably darker. His large traditional dwarf beard is dark gray colored, tied into two separate, thick braids. His eyes are sky blue in color, bright and shining. He's about 4'7" in height and weighs 163 lbs. Like his weapons, Ghalm himself forged his own armor, even painting the design of it himself.


Name: Ata

Age: 25

Race: Lycan - Tigress

Gender: Female

Faction: Neutral

Magic abilities: Is skilled in healing and fire magic, but usually just uses her weapons as her form of attack.

Weapons: Spear and Shield, dual Throwing axes, basic Shortsword.

Interesting abilities: She is rather athletic, so she can be rather fast (and annoying) in battle. She can also fuse her tiger form with her magical fire abilities

Ata is sarcastic and rebellious by nature. At first impressions, she isn't really the most lady-like person. She can be a glutton, has little to no patience, and just doesn't really take most things seriously when they should be. Her temper is short and she won't stand for stupid stuff. Basically, she's a child at heart, literally. She can even go as far as sitting off to the side and pouting if she doesn't win an argument. Because of this, Ata usually lives out the forests, away from other people. If you're lucky enough to become an ally or a friend with her, the change in her behavior around you is dramatic. She turns sweet, caring, but won't hold back on the truth if her opinion is asked on the subject.

History: Ata grew up in a small Lycan village with her mother and little brother. There were only few Lycan left after Harribel's takeover, so there were scattered villages in many places on the continent. It was this event that killed Ata's father, who was protecting his family. When she came of age, she began to train herself in combat with a variety of weapons. From the help of her mother, she learned healing and fire magic, though she's never learned to master it.

Soon the epidemic came, which took the lives of both her mother and her little brother, with Ata barely surviving the disease herself. In anger and selfishness, she abandoned the rest of the village behind and began to live on her own in the wilderness, living off the wildlife and edible plant life, occasionally going into town to get her weapons repaired or to simply find a temporary job.

Human -
This girl puts you in mind of a tomboy. Her eyes are cloudy and gray, her gaze can seem distant. Her fine, wavy, crimson red hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a badly cut bush. Part of her hair is folded over her right eye. Her skin is nut-brown. She is of average height (5'7"), has a slightly wide-hipped build, and weighs about 143 lbs. She doesn't wear much armor, feeling that too much would weigh her down. On certain parts of her body, she has red tattoos and black strip patterns on her face, small traits of her tigress form.

Tigress -


The rivers will run red.

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