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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Originally Posted by infernorose888 View Post
Name: Long Shamar (Great Guardian)

Age: 500+

Race: God Dragon (His race refers to themselves as gods because they are powerful, but by NO means immortal.)

Faction: Rebels however, he despises most humans, dwarves and incubii/sucubii

Magic abilities: Fire/Water/Light Manipulation AKA really good camoflogue and the equivalent of flashbangs/Shape Changing/LIMITED flight

Weapons: Usually no more than what he physically has already, claws, teeth, magic. In human form he carries a naginata

Interesting abilities: With eye contact he can paralyze opponents (like a rattlesnake), and drive people insane with fear He also has a knack for telling fortunes and is very intelligent

Personality: Long Shamar, like much of his kind, is a pompous, prude, and vain creature. He often grooms his fabulous scales and mane. He also has a huge pride and honor issue. Anymn who insults him is practially sentencing himself to death, Long Shamar can hold a grudge for a LONG time. You don't mess with this dragon. He is also backed by about 500 strong yeti warriors that will loyally follow him to the ends of the earth. These are the only humanoids he truly has any compassion for.

History: For a long time, he lorded over a large tribe of furry mountain creatures. Being not too intelligent, they worshipped him as a God and he had a good life. After about 300 years, he got bored. He foolishly left his mountain temple and ventured down the mountain. He encountered dwarves first, they simply were after his fabulous scales so they tried to trap him. He escaped and found the vampiric races. He was disgusted by their slaughter of creatures so similar to themselves, so he left them too. Then he found humans. At first, He liked them and they payed him handsomley to share his great knowledge. However, they began to think about his uses as a war weapon. They captured him one afternoon as he was hunting swans and he was thrown into a power neutralizing cage. He tried to escape, but was unsuccessful. He was kept in his prison for over 50 years. Finally, during the beginning of the revolution, he escaped in a massive seige of the city. A trebuchet destroyed the roof of his cage and he was able too slither out. He then fled back to the mountains he had left so long ago. After a long celebration, He rallied the tribe to jopin him in destroying the humans that had kept him prisoner. Currently, his army is marching towards the capitol with only a medium sized force of mountain ape-men. However, Long Shamar intends to seek help from the elvish peoples.
Appearance: about the length of 2 school buses

Other: Anything not fitting in the above categories
I object to this on several levels. I didn't make the races with the intent of someone villifying their communities and making them into greedy bastards/genocidal monsters/power-hungry conquerers. See, I don't mind you saying things about your own race, but the whole reason I left the wide majority of information about groups and species open were so people who wanted to take them were free to put their own spin to it. AND JUST BECAUSE I SHAMELESSLY YANKED DEMON NAMES FROM MYTHOLOGY DOES NOT MAKE INCUBI/SUCCUBI EVIL OR DEMONS, AS THEY ARE NEITHER.

And then there's your abilities. Being able to strike paralyzing fear into a being through eye contact is too much of a god-mod; if I let you take an ability like that, all you have to do is make eye-contact with whoever you're fighting and get in a one-hit kill. And is it REALLY practical to be TWENTY METERS LONG? At that size, you can basically squish anything.


And on the yeti.... Why the hell are you posting pictures of animals? Not necessary. Not to mention I WILL NOT let you ride in on a wolly mammoth or anything similarly terrible. Unless you're a god-- A GOD god-- you start at the same level as everybody else. And even then, gods aren't allowed to interfere lest they bring about Trenia's wrath.
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