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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

SU edited and ready.

By the Way, the God thing is more a title than anything else, they live a long time, their smart, their powerful, but they aren't immortal.

By the way, here's the yeti chieftan's SU

Name: Mountain Crusher

Age: 38

Race: Yeti AKA Mountain People

Gender: Male

Faction: Rebels, cause Long Shamar, their God, leads them to battle against the royal house

Magic abilities: None, but with the strength to hurl massive boulders and great cold resistance, who needs it.

Weapons: He uses a massive Stone axe, others in his army use spears, battleaxes cudgels, or slings not a very advanced society.

Interesting abilities: He is massively strong, even compared to other yetis and this is a species that kills giant elephant sized troll bears as a right of passage thing.

Personality: Describe your character's personality. A good five lines.

History: What your character has been doing up until now. As a timeline; the Prince died ten years ago, the epidemic was three years ago, and the revolution started two months ago. Around two paragraphs.


Other: Important animals to know about

White Mammoths

A beast of battle, like a war elephant only about 20 of them in the army. Each carries three men, a "pilot" and two soldiers wielding either pikes, throwing spears, or slings


Primary livestock for wool, milk, and meat. Also beasts of burden, they pull supply carts.

Glacier Lions

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