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Default [pokemon rp] Decolonized (PG-13) OOC/SU



The last ship rocketed off its launch pad. The onlookers watched as their relatives and friends flew into deep space. They were sad to see them go, but the cause was just. The world had been dieing as the human population expanded. The governments of the world knew they had to protect the amazing inhabitants of their world. Pokemon. They were the greatest ally to mankind, but man had overwhelmed them so they left. Humans unanimously voted to leave earth to save the pokemon.

The people set about planning where to go and how to get there. After twenty long years they had found a way to inhabit the planet mars, which was completely uninhabited by pokemon. Building the rocket ships to get them there. they began building the second earth on mars here many humans were happy, but some wished to go back. With permission of the government they were sent back on a ship which was going to earth to take more to mars. When it was finished only one hundredth about sixty six million of the humans remained on earth.

Another century past and the humans had assimilated to their now much more natural lives. Their population remained in check and the pokemonís grew exponentially. At last balance was found.

Role to be Played

You never knew what earth was like before the humans first left or first returned. You live in one of the many small towns around the globe and have learned to live the way your parents do. Youíve been taught how to train pokemon and how to live in unison with them.

here are some specifics:
since you left earth most of the old cities and towns have crumbled and are unusable
humans dont use big factories and are very eco-concious
there is electricity which is gathered from windmills and solar panels
pokemon are alot more common in the wild
there are pokeballs, poke centers, and there is a PC system which sends any extra pokemon to your room which can be accesed through any other computer.


In the RP you are a new young trainer. Trainers are a central part of any town because they are the people who go outside of the town to do various missions. You live in a small town surrounded by a forest. Now you must do your part to keep your town alive.


this is a basic description of the town.

the town is basically a collection of maybe sixty or seventy buildings. after the humans returned they promised to live more natural lives and not endanger the pokemon anymore, so the buildings are made of wood, stone, and other natural materials. the center of town has a few select important buildings: the general store, the groccer, the mail depot, and the town hall. the town is surrounded by some farm feilds which is where the town grows its food and raises its domesticated pokemon like miltank and ponyta.


Name: first and last
Gender: male or female
Age: make it reasonable

Physical appearance: hair, skin, height, weight, eye color, special traits (ex. Scars)
Clothing: includes hats and accessories
Misc. objects: backpack, survival gear, special possessions

Personality: who you are and how you are special
History: what was you life like that makes you different (longer preferred but not required)

Species: 1st to 4th gen.

Special attributes: not required
Personality: how they act from a humans point of view
History: how you got them (doesnít need to be long)

1. No legendaries until I post a special event
2. Keep it reasonable make sense in your posts godmodding or bunnying
4. Try to make it in depth and interesting.

I will be doing a very basic DM who tells seasons and special events


If you have anything to say about this RP please PM me about it as soon as you can. Thank you.


nothing new right now

ACCEPTED (five spots)

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