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Default Re: Graphic Spotlight Art Submission Thread!

Me, mee! :D


Title// jUMPER
Inspiration// If you had seen the render, you'd crumble. The render was so, so, awesomely awesome. Seriously, when I saved it I was wondering if I was gonna muck up the tag.
Thoughts// Well; I've used the tutorial I made for this before, which I must admit was good but I think this one wins by a bit. Though both might possible have the same flaws as that was pointed out with the last one, I really like the concept of Miku 'jumping' and the background as such. Since the render title was called 'Breaking away' (there was an extension of the piece, which I cut off) and since she was jumping, I thought it fit.
Resources// Brush 1, Brush 2, Brush 3, Render, Background
Shop and Gallery// Here
lol whut
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