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Default Nehura Island [SU]

Nehura Island


Pokémon are intriguing creatures. They have always been complete companions to people and even themselves. Humans have always wanted to find the secret of them and find out more about them. They have spent billions of dollars just for researching and finding more Pokémon. Yet sometimes humans just have to know their limits.

Almost eighty years have passed since the president of Sinnoh have asked a special team of Pokémon Archeologist, Pokémon Breeders, Pokémon Scientist, and Pokémon Rangers to perform a special task. The task was to find a certain set of Ultra Rare Pokémon in a region. After a month the team had captured the Pokémon and was heading back to Sinnoh by boat. Yet as they were going terrible storms came and killed all of them. The President tried to get contact went them repeatly, yet to no avail. The President then hired three elite navigators to find the last time they had contact and when the storm had hit to find out the possible location for the Pokémon.

The only place they were was an uncharted island that they named Nehura. The President sent three helicopters to scan the region for a total of two days. They came that they had many lakes around it, a mountainous region, large plains, and a couple of forest. The whole island itself was large almost the half the size of Sinnoh. Yet they were not able to find any life on the island.

Again the President hired an elite squad to go to the island and see if any of the Pokémon was still alive. Yet soon terrible climate changed and as a result the departure for Nehura Island was delayed. One sneaky Scientist decided to make a team of his own to capture the Pokémon. He named this team Sed. He then faked his own death to go to the island and capture the Pokémon.

After almost five years of delaying the elite team finally came together once again to go to Nehura Island. As they neared the island their ship’s radar came to signal that another ship was there. They told the president this. After two months of exploring and to no avail, the team practically gave up. They told the President that they were going to come back to Sinnoh. Yet as their ship was going it was struck by a mysterious water Pokémon. They sent a worker down to check it out and it was a never before seen Pokémon. The team told the president and they sent a Ranger to go and catch it.

The Ranger caught it successfully. The team headed back to Sinnoh with a really big water Pokémon. The President had used this as proof that they were Pokémon out there that’s data weren’t known. Yet soon the team went back. After one month of exploring they had lost contact with the President. After five years still nothing. A scientist soon took a note that climate was changing around the world thanks to a Pokémon from Nehura Island. And as the team would get close to finding a never before seen Pokémon, this climate Pokémon would then cause either earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, or anything else to prevent the team from finding it.

Yet soon the President knew that this would not stop him from reaching his goal. Again he formed a very powerful team to find the Pokémon. Unlike other teams, these teams have been selected from around the world. The team is looking bright but what will happen to them? Will they too be found dead or will mysteriously disappear?

Your Role
You are either a Pokémon Archeologist, a Pokémon Scientist, a Pokémon Breeder, or a Pokémon Ranger that have been selected for this task. You are to hurry and find all of the Ultra Rare Pokémon and bring them back to Sinnoh.

Ultra Rare Pokémon

SU Sheets
Name: (You understood)
Age: (Twenty or up, the only exception is if they are a prodigy)
Occupation: (Scientist, Archeologist, Ranger, or Breeder)
Appearance: (Picture or a paragraph describing your appearance)
Personality: (Paragraph describing your appearance)
History: (2+ paragraphing describing it)
Pokémon: (If you are a Ranger just one Pokémon, I will allow fakemon)
Other: (Anything else you want to put on here)

Falcon-Archeologist-Nathan Smith
Falcon-Archeologist-Alexys Smith
Falcon-Ranger- Brian Hawk
Mickmon95-Ranger-Ethan Conway



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