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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

As a species, I say yes, humanity will go on just fine if technology just suddenly stopped working (which as far-fetched as it sounds, is possible - peak oil, solar flares (especially those on or even exceeding, the scale of that of the Carrington Event), any of these can screw up technology really good); the problem is whether as individuals could we continue to survive.

There are probably a great many people out there who rely on some form of modern technology to even just survive - those with pacemakers, for example. Without modern technology, clean water will also become very hard to come by, and food could either mean catching and killing an animal and cooking it with fire started with the most ancient methods (sticks, stone sparks, solar energy) or trying to find edible fruit and plants - both can be dangerous if you can't tell the poisonous food from ones that are safe to eat. Modern city people may not have these kind of knowledge.

Then there's the psychological aspect. There are definitely going to be people who may not be able to accept their lives without technology and either go mad from it, or try to end their lives to escape from the suffering rather than endure it.

In conclusion, humans could survive, but not everyone will.

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