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Default Re: Bullying

Here comes my rambling point. *sigh*

I hate bullying in general. Even the thought of it alone sickens me to the core. Abusing and possibly torturing an innocent person should be one of the worst crimes possible, in my opinion. Living in Massachusetts, I have come to know some horrible bullying cases in the recent years. Last year, as I recall, an Irish newcomer named Phoebe Prince attended a school in South Hadley (western MA). The male seniors on the football team took a liking to her and the other girls started harassing her due to that fact. Anyway, she sadly killed herself.

Most of the time, most bullies are/were bullied themselves. Most of the time, the bullies insult the victim for what they actually are themselves (ugly, fat, etc.) I'm happy that the bullies didn't turn suicidal stemming from what they personally endured, but they need to stop bullying nonetheless. It doesn't make the situation any better, especially for the victim. As a matter of fact, my bully didn't have a clue about so many things that I could explain in the following block of words.

She didn't know how to properly use rhetorical questions. Those questions that she thinks are "rhetorical" are a far cry from it! Of course the questions need to be answered! By the way, the questions are too inappropriate for PE2K. Whenever she tries to argue with me, she attempts to either evade the main point or evade the argument completely. She tries to instigate something with me and then she has no decent backup to my side of the argument! I consider that stupidity and a foolish attempt at harassing me. It doesn't work.

Last but not least, I have a message to PE2K. If somebody here on PE2K is a bully, I recommend leaving now. You are a disgrace to the forum and all of society. I feel remorseful for the bullies who are victim of being bullied yourself, but even YOU need to stop. If you stop right this moment, I wouldn't mind you being on the forum. But for those hacks who do bully, I have no comment at all.

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