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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

Captain Sajin Komamura
Squad 7th Captain

After traveling with Kang, I had stepped into the realm of Manifest recently, discovering it for myself as a realm of strange beauty and ugliness at the same time. In truth, I had been told by Kang that it should have been impossible for us to discover this place, for anyone from the “Outworlds” to see a realm that should have been locked within its own dimension.

In Manifest, everything was real and possible except for reality itself. It was as if the world itself was forged from dreams and paradoxes, leaving the unexpected as commonplace. Kang, one of the authoritative Knights of Manifest, had some control over the aspects of this place, but I was neither aware of how he and many others of his kind accomplished this. From where I was standing, Manifest was a realm of uncontrollable chaos, a place where those that fear the unknown would go mad from the nightmare.

I had worked out the details in my mind, knowing full well that if what the Manifestations intended to do by merging this strange world of Manifest with the “Outworlds” would come to pass, many would die because of it, and everyone else that lived would be at the mercy of these Manifestations as they moved about the living and about Soul Society, choosing who to assimilate and who to fend for themselves. Needless to say, we were rapidly running out of time, and every passing moment was shifting all our worlds into one. There were many of us that while we appreciated the assistance of these Manifest Knights, things would be better if those that were from this strange and baffling place stayed within their own dimension.

Kang, taking on the form of a Siberian Husky, had joined me from the mutual agreement that we needed to find some means to make Manifest return to normal, and have no further connection between the Soul Society and the world of the living. At the moment, we had many problems that didn’t have a solution, one of the major ones being the Senkaimon and its now corrupted nature.

“You seem… alarmed, Captain,” Kang told me, looking up as I gazed upon what Manifest really was.

I had seen unending plains, always twisting, changing, and morphing into something different and foreign. It was as if Manifest was a realm that didn’t want to be recognized, as if the land itself refused to make up its mind and remain committed to a particular form. At any given moment, trees could grow, die, change to mountains, ponds, and back again, or in a different order altogether.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” I told him, knowing there was no chance that would ever be thought of as a lie.

“It truly is different from the stability of your Outlands, I’ll say that much,” the Manifest Knight nodded. “One could get lost in here if they weren’t careful enough. Not all Manifestations appreciate its nature, which is why they might be after your Outlands. If the merge is successful, all of you will either become Manifestations yourselves… or die.”

“Sounds more like a rebellion against your kind’s authority,” I told him, knowing that was a likely motive for them to do this. “The more of them there are, the greater their chances of overthrowing your institutions, hence why they have turned to us in effort to force us into their ranks.”

“I won’t deny that as a possibility,” Kang replied in agreement. “Many of these Manifestations don’t appreciate us having dominance or control over them. We are, after all, a kind of police force to keep order intact, but there are many of them that would adore to see that order broken and cast aside, obviously confusing chaos and anarchy for freedom and liberty.”

I nodded, knowing that while Manifest and the Soul Society were radically different places, these concepts of authority, rebellion, and uprising were not foreign to either of us. Whether these were the true motives of the Manifestations, I could not verify until I had the chance to see one of them for myself. And in this strange, morphing place, it was likely I wouldn’t have to wait for long until that happened.

“There are many Manifestation Overlords that are leading the operation to complete the merge,” Kang told me. “Most of them are simply ringleaders, but there is one that has presented a problem to us all. He goes by the name of Leshrac.”

“Leshrac…” I repeated, committing that name to memory. “What has he done to get this attention?”

“We don’t know how or when it happened, but Leshrac is able to manipulate Manifest, similar to how Knights can,” Kang told me, looking off into the distance. “There’s one major difference, however. Leshrac seems to have more influence and control over Manifest than we do. We have tried to undo his creations, cancel out his alterations, and try to influence stability into his chaos… only to fail. As a result, we’re not even aware of anything that could be used to fight him, let alone defeat him.”

I was not sure if Kang was implying the Soul Reapers of the Seireitei would have the solution when already, I seemed to be lost and almost bewildered after stepping into this strange place in search of something that could be used to restore order to the Senkaimon. However, I was well aware of the fact that even if we managed to find anything that could be used to restore it, nothing could be done until every last Manifestation was placed back in Manifest before the restoration took place, thus closing the door and locking it forever.

The problem was… the creation of new Manifestations. Anyone that was turned into one would have to be put into Manifest as well, even if they didn’t originate from there. I hated to think we would need to force them to realize Manifest would have to be their new home, but there seemed to be no way to restore them back to their true nature.

It was clear we now had far greater problems on our hands…

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