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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A(nother) Bleach RP=

Hot dang that took forever! Anyway, this is finished, let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed. I should also have a manifest charecter up later.

Name: Jecht Cekuls

Age: 523

Gender: Male

Race: Soul Reaper Captain of Squad 9

Personality: Jecht is a quiet man. Sometimes, he can go a couple days on end without saying a single word to anybody. Since he was appointed by Head Captain Yamamoto, he has kept the same stand point with his squad. He is quite young for being a captain, and it is possible that his in-experience can hinder his ability to lead well, but he does his best and is able to lead his squad most effectively. Like the other captains, he cares deeply for his squad and would gladly give his life to save them, luckily it has not come to that. He is a calm fighter, but relentless and ruthless one. He is focused on the task at hand, but never forgets about those around him. After his childhood, he vowed to never let anyone close to him die ever again and always stand up to those that threaten his vow.

Jecht is also a gifted artist. He has been practicing in different types of artistic expressing since he can remember. With this skill under his fingertips, as well as being able to motivate people without the need of words, he it is obvious to see why he was picked as the new captain of Squad 9.

History: Jecht started off like most people in the Rukon District. He was poor, and fought for survival. He was by himself for a long time, until another boy joined him. Together, they taught themselves how to wield a sword by using sticks. As the years went by, they grew stronger, and one day Jecht and his friend got themselves in some trouble. A street gangs had control of a street, and were a pretty ruthless bunch. As Jecht and his friend passed by, the gang approached them. They pushed them around for a bit, and Jecht naturally cowered. His friend, however, did not. He stood strong and held his ground, eventually he got into a fist fight with one of them.

It was at this point that the gang got violent and started to beat him. Jecht attempted to intervene, and the blades came out. Jecht got grabbed by one of the goons, felt the knife go in and got spun around. He knew his throat was cut, and all he could do is watch helplessly as his best friend was dragged off as his eyes closed. When he woke up, he was in a bed, with weird paintings everywhere. There were of him and his friend looking happy. The caretaker, and nice onlooker, had taken him in quick and gave him care. She didn’t like children hurt. He learned when he was sleeping he had painted all these through his sheer force of will. This was when he knew that he should become a shinigami and stop others from feeling the same pain.

Description: Jecht is a tall man, being 6 feet. He has jet black hair that, for some reason, slicks forward and spikes upward at the front. He has a define face who most women would think is “good looking”, but other than that, nothing to big to be of importance. He has sky blue eyes that can pierce your soul, and have been able to hold people in their place when Jecht has been enraged, how rare it is. He has a scar on his neck that goes from the base of the left side of his neck and spirals around the front of it and ends half way up the back of his neck.

He has a slim build, weighing about 175. He wears the standard captain formal wear, except the edges of his haori is covered in different color paints. Under his formal wear, he has a skin tight sky blue shirt, like his eyes, that doesn’t hinder his movements as much as his formal wear. He wears the standard sandals as well.

Sealed Form: His zanpakuto is his main weapon of choice, rather, his only weapon. He is terrible at Kido, and never uses it. In its sealed form, it is like a normal Katana, with the only difference being the hilt. The hilt has three “Lightning Bolts” that come up from the hilt and touch the blade at about 1.5 inches.

Shikai: When he activates the Shikai form of his sword, Kaminari no kami (“Thunder God” I hope, I did use Google translator lol), he says “Shock”. At that instant, there is a bright light that emits from his sword that flashes for a brief moment, enough to temporarily stun all those who look at it, except for himself. After the flash, his sword has a brief aura of lightning before it dissipates. Shikai also makes his sword’s width large. It becomes about 4 times the original width (Think about 4 Zanpakuto on top of each other). There is a distinctive line that runs exactly half way between the bottom of the blade and the top. Above this line, there is a grip-like indent that is above the hilt Jecht holds to wield the sword. In Shikai form, his zanpakuto has the ability to excite the electrons around his sword when he moves his sword extremely fast or strikes. These electrons move in a random path, but can be directed by Jecht to go towards his opponent. Basically, he creates lightning that spreads towards his enemy. The lightning forks at the end, so the chance to hit is improved.

Bankai: When Jecht wishes to use his bankai, he grabs the second grip and literally pulls the sword apart, giving himself two blades and simultaneously says Bankai. There is another flash of light and after this flash he exclaims the new name of Kaminari no hōkō no kami (The Roar of the Thunder God, again, used Google translator). His bankai has the same abilities as his Shikai has; however, he is able to control where the lightning he emits hits as well as controls the vibrations his lightning bolts emits. Not only does his enemy have to worry about being hit by lightning, they also have to worry about the vibrations it gives off, which can be used in a number of ways.

Additional Info: His shinigami powers include:

Shunpo Master
Immense Spiritual Power
Master Tactician
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Dual-Sword Master
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