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Default Re: HGSS Discussion/Question & Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Doodlebop View Post
An ice type? Allright. Thanks, Silver! And for Koga, Togitic is psychic, so...

And yes, the Gyarados is red. xD
I would recommend filling up that last spot with Kingdra, since its a very good dragon pokemon and also excellent user of Ice Beam and isn't afraid of Ice itself (quit unique for a dragon). Is capable being a physical, special or even mixed Sweeper by using it's great STAB-moves: waterfall/surf and outrage/dragon pulse/draco meteor. Not to mention Dragon Dance and Yawn. Rain Dance support with Swift Swim ability is also nice.

My question: I always wondered how that world champion kid got Selfdestruct on Mewtwo. Move tutor in LG/FR or some like that? Second question: how long (aprox) does catching a Feebas in D/P/P take? I really want one since it's the last pokemon before completing my national dex TY!

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