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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: Sorry guys. Anyone with half a brain for understanding knows I have this thing called Recruit School. Also guys, I gotta say that the end of Yoruichi's post is kind of for metal_sonic.


Yoruichi Shihoin
Karakura Town; World of the Living
Affiliated with the Routaikagamikami

Despite being more than capable these days, Yoruichi still lived by the mindset that there was little to be done in the fight...except fight. Fight, strategise, live and survive. Thinking and chatter came later.

It was something she was very good at doing, surviving. Kami knows she had to be to survive this long, and considering her reputation as the Flash Goddess, one would hope she had the sense to know how to survive, and do it well and swiftly.

She wasn't stupid, though. Yes, she perhaps aimed for the smaller, weaker Hollows at present - her Menos kill was only at one, at present - but there was a good reason behind it. One, she was pretty much on her own - everyone else seemed tied up elsewhere, and though she was affiliated, god knows you couldn't always rely on the Elder Gods. Arrogant gits.

The other reason that was, yes, while there were stronger enemies...everyone else aimed for them. It was always the way, and something she'd tried to teach Ichigo NOT to do in the past unless it was necessary. Not if there was a million and one other enemies about, for no matter how weak they were, there was always more of them, and given enough, they could overwhelm anybody. Yes, anybody.

Dimly, she heard movements in the background, voices, and vaguely registered Kisuke's. Another Hollow fell to her, and she cursed her perverted old friend and hoped he'd brought her damn clothes, because she wasn't enjoying flashing everyone in sight, much to anyone's surprise, most certainly.

Another batch fell to her flash-quick movements, and then...everything seemed to happen. Or one thing, but though she wasn't overawed by the new, chaotic pressure, it gave her pause, her yellow eyes turning as she twisted midair to register what was occuring. Her heart skipped a beat when she did register who had arrived.

Shintoko. That ass.

And then she didn't have time to think, for the distraction cost her dear. She was given a moment to flinch, and then something had slashed at her from behind. Superficially, but the force was enough to send the female Shinigami's lithe body brutally forward and down, a dazed cry articulating on her lips as she fell.

Straight for the black hardness of the road that led to Orihime's shop, a thousand feet below.

Rangiku Matsumoto
Lieutenant of the Tenth Division
World of the Living; Karakura Town

As she'd done so many times with her Captain, Rangiku instinctively moved so she was back to back with her partner. Only it wasn't her partner, and Gin was muttering to himself, and Rangiku wanted to scream and hit him and wonder how the HELL he could be...being such a nerd at a time like this, while she was panting hard, sweat mingled with the rain as her blue eyes darted frantically about, taking in both the Hollows she'd destroyed with her Shikai and those that continued to amass.

"Gin..." she panted, a slight note of hitched uncertainty in her voice, her body pressing into the lean warmth of his back as she held Haineko before her "They're still...coming...we can't...stay here...we'll..."

We'll die.

She didn't need to say it aloud, really.
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