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Default Re: Handedness of characters

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

But didn't people used to believe left-handed people were followers of the devil?

Based on this logic, I'd say the protagonists are probably right-handed, whereas the villians are left. Only rational guess I could think of.

Does this thread even promote any discussion? :s
All handheld game protagonists untill Generation 5 are left-handed, Gens 1 & 2 proven in the remakes (with the exception of Kris, who is of unknown dexterity). look next time you battle, and the protagonists you battle with are left-handed as well. This is most likely due to it being easier to animate from the angle they are shown at during battles. Also, the villian Ariana is shown holding her pokeball with her RIGHT hand, meaning she is right-handed. This is supported because on trainer cards, the hero has the ball in their LEFT hand, at least for guys, if they have it at all. The only reason I really know is because I have been looking for left-handed protagonists ever since I found that Link is left-handed in non-wii games. If Ash isn't left handed, Red, the REAL best trainer ever is. :D another case solved.