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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Ragnl's eyes slowly opened once again. All the commotion had woken the recently fainted Houndour. Urg... Whats with all the noise?

Looking around, he noticed that the fight was still going on. Thorn was once again up and running, along with her Nuzleaf brother. Looking around, he noticed the Rhyhorn and Kanghaskhan who had hurt and defeated him. Ragnl smirked. Hah, they got what they deserved, he chuckled to himself. He resumed looking around the clearing. The two grass types were currently putting up a fight against Nate and Cynder, the Piplup and Cyndaquil. Domanic was also nearby, but his Zangoose and Vulpix friend were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they're dead somewhere.

Ragnl tried to stand up, but his body was still very weak from before. He growled in fustration, but then an idea came up. If he pretended he was still unconcious, he could make a surprise attack. With the idea in mind, Ragnl lowered his head and half-closed his eyes, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Credit to Zapdogre for the av and Palkiaperson for sig.

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