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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)


The Dark Pulse was approaching Nate and Cynder fast so they had to act swiftly. Nate fired his Bubblebeam at the Dark Pulse. It had not hit in time to completley stop the attack, it only reduced the damage. Nate and Cynder were hit by the dark surge of energy left after the Bubblebeam had struck the Dark Pulse. They grunted in pain as they took the hit, the attack left a dark aura surrounding Nate and Cynder. Nate kneeled abit as he began to feel light headed, he just shook it off for if he fell it could be his last slumber."Leave Roselia to me! Nate you handle the Nuzleaf!" Cynder exclaimed as she charged at the Roselia. She then became engulfed in a wave of flames as she spun at the Roselia. The dark energy from the attack still lingered on Cynder, due to this she was a dark flame sphere about to slam into the Roselia. Nate was a tad woozy but he pretended nothing was wrong. His beak grew in length and began glowing brightly. He charged at the Nuzleaf, readying to pierce him with his Peck. His long glowing beak became a dark spear once it fused with the dark residue from the earlier Dark Pulse. Why can't they just leave us alone?! We did nothing wrong to their dictator Nero! They are stupid to follow such an evil pokemon! What do they fight for? Some stupid king who only seeks to kill! How can they fight to end the lives of others! These are sick and cruel pokemon! We fight to keep ourselves safe and they fight to kill...
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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