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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

IC: "Blind" the Gabite

In short: he screwed up. Like he did about ten times before.

It always turned out like this. This so-called 'wisdom' that Celebi has cursed him with was nothing more than shallow cunning. Effective in war, but useless in peace. Craftiness could never create trust.

He stabbed his claws into his arms. The pain was satisfying, in some bizarre way that only he could understand. He vowed to gain their trust. And for once, he would gain wisdom.

After having his arm healed magically by the Cave, he started to run. No, more like dash. The only way that they'd trust him again was only if he did something drastic. Like taking out the General, for instance. He was somewhat shocked to feel her nearly defeated when he arrived behind a bush. And the Vibrava- no, he decided. He should call him Dominic- was going for the finish with a Fly. If he missed or she detected him, he would provide backup. If he did finish her off, he would reveal himself and be honest, just for this once. It was a win-win either way.

He waited, attentive as ever.

OOC: Darn it Mick, I was just starting to write when you finished! Oh, please don't tell me I have to write it out again...
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