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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)


Nate and Cynder followed Dominic back to the battle scene. The evil Roselia was still there, her presence was intimidating. Nate and Cynder stopped in their tracks at the sight of her. Nate turned to the fainted Ulysses and Esther. "Cynder look they're hurt!" Nate exclaimed. Cynder gasped at the sight of the two damaged pokemon. Instinctly Nate and Cynder dashed off to the side of Ulysses and Esther. "They've both taken serious damage but they'll be okay," Cynder explained. Nate knew that Nero's warriors were the obvious to blame for this. "They're both too heavy for us to carry out of the battle field. Our only option is to protect them and take out the enemies," Nate stated. Cynder nodded in agreement. Cynder fired a Flamethrower at the Roselia. It was an intense stream of burning fire. Nate used his Ice Beam to put a wall of ice in front of Ulysses and Esther. He then fired a powerful Bubblebeam at the Roselia. As soon as we take care of the Roselia we must find Tieren and Venus. Then we must run far away from here... Where could Tieren and Venus be? I hope both of them are fine. Or maybe they have both run off to safety. I don't really know how I would feel if they did ditch us and run off. I don't know, as long as they're alive it's fine by me...
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